Top 5-Worst US Airports

1. Miami International
2. Dallas-Fort Worth
3. Atlanta Hartsfield
4. Chicago O’Hare
5. New York JFK

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  1. I hate MIA. I always connect there on my way to Latin America and have to switch terminals and deal with security over and over. Plus the terminals are far apart and I have missed flights several times. It is aggravating.

  2. MIA is the worst. LAX, LAS, EWR are also all terrible. Basically most big airports are bad.

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  4. How does LGA not make the list? No matter when you are flying out, you are guaranteed to sit on the runway for 45 minutes, plus you have to fly over Shea Stadium

  5. The Shea thing is a great point. I don’t hate LGA bc it’s so much more convenient to Manhattan but yes, it still is awful

  6. I def agree MIA is the worst, but O’Hare has got to be second as the delays there are horrendous. Guess I’ve been lucky, but I’ve always had good experiences at DFW and ATL… Lee, I know our layover at MIA while coming home from backpacking Latin America was on your mind writing this, thought that guy who ripped out the headrest was going to kill someone…

  7. That guy was the epitome of air rage and I fear for the future of his kids that he set such a wonderful example for and for his wife who he mortified in front of hundreds of people. The only good thing that came out of that nightmarish experience of sitting on the tarmac for 3 hours was that we got an extra night in South Beach.

  8. Hi Lee, LAX, SFO and Reno are bad for me as I frequently fly to those three for work but I have had bad experiences at really small airports around California and Nevada as well. Basically-they all suck! haha

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