American Express Passion Project

I am honored and excited to be a part of the American Express Passion Project. The American Express Passion Project is a new program designed to enable, inspire and encourage people to pursue their passion projects. The #PassionProject brings together leading experts, how-to advice, personal profiles and a monthly contest to inspire consumers to pursue the projects that are important and meaningful to their lives.

Please click here to read my first contribution to the #PassionProject. This is my story, in short. There will be several more over the next few months as the program continues through the end of the year!
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Disclaimer: American Express commissioned me to write for their Tumblr.

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  1. Hey Lee,

    The link above doesn’t appear to be working. Sounds very cool, though! Can’t wait to read on!


    • It’s up and working again McKenzie…thanks for pointing that out, Amex changed the link for an edit but all good now!

  2. What an awesome project to be involved in!

  3. I am so boring compared to you. You’ve lived like 10 lives at 34.

  4. Amazing story, thanks for sharing, Lee!

  5. I love it when you let us get to know you a little bit, you seem to be very private about things. This was an amazing story. You’ve led quite the life.

  6. Very sorry to hear that your mother passed away, I had never known that. Thanks for sharing your story, and goes to show when you set your mind to something, anything is possible. “If you can believe it, you can achieve it.”

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