8 Must Have Travel Accessories

I’m a pretty light packer as anyone who follows me regularly knows. However, I do tend to load up on some travel accessories when I travel. Travel accessories make your life easier and generally have a practical use. Travel accessories can come in all shapes and forms and can be used from time to time. It’s always better to have them and not need them than need them and not have them! Here are 8 must have travel accessories.

1. Sockwell Circulator Compression Socks
10 Must Have Travel Accessories, travel accessories, TravelSmith, Sockwell Circulator Compression Socks
I put compression socks at #1 because I think they’re that important. If you get bad swelling in your ankles from DVT then you need compression socks. They can literally save you! I have a travel partner who swears by these and the difference between using them and not using them is massive!

2. 40 Blinks Eye Mask
10 Must Have Travel Accessories, travel accessories, TravelSmith, 40 blinks eye mask, eye mask
An eye mask is often given to business class travelers on planes inside your amenity kit. But if you don’t travel business class you should consider bringing you own. Plus if you travel to the far north as I just did to Alaska, you will 100% need an eye mask to help you sleep because of constant daylight.

3. Triple C Beauty Bar Mirrored Charger
10 Must Have Travel Accessories, travel accessories, TravelSmith, Triple C Beauty Bar Mirrored Charger, charger
A little portable charger can be a godsend. There’s been so many times when I’ve wished I had one especially doing Snapchat as that can drain your battery big time! I highly recommend these little necessities!

4. TripIt
10 Must Have Travel Accessories, travel accessories, TravelSmith, TripIt, TripIt Pro
TripIt is my favorite travel app without question. I honestly don’t even know what I would do without it. It organized all my travel from flights to hotels to dinner reservations and golf tee times! It’s pretty amazing. I highly recommend the TripIt Pro version and don’t forget to check out the commercial I did for TripIt last year! Download it from the App Store.

5. Flight 001 4-in-1 Adapter
Flight 001 4-in-1 Adapter, 10 Must Have Travel Accessories, travel accessories, TravelSmith
I am a man who has gone through dozens of adopters over the years but the best I’ve ever tried and never leave home with out is the Flight 001 4-in-1 Adapter. I swear it’s the best, travels well, doesn’t break and works everywhere. It’s phenomenal and is probably my top recommendation on this whole list if you travel internationally a lot!

6. Pacsafe CoverSafe V100 RFID-Safe
Pacsafe CoverSafe V100 RFID-Safe, 10 Must Have Travel Accessories, travel accessories, TravelSmith
These little waist wallets are great for backpackers or people traveling to less than safe areas. They fit easily along your waist and out of sight for pickpockets, thieves and just make you look even more inconspicuous than usual. It increases your safety and I recommend it.

7. Eagle Creek Exhale Neck Pillow
Eagle Creek Exhale Neck Pillow, 10 Must Have Travel Accessories, travel accessories, TravelSmith
Neck pillows can save you on long flights. I am not the biggest fan of them but many people swear by them. I do occasionally use them as pillows against the wall as well as airlines don’t always provide pillows these days.

8. TravelSmart App
TravelSmart App, 10 Must Have Travel Accessories, travel accessories, TravelSmith, Allianz Travel Insurance
The TravelSmart App is pretty awesome and keeps your travel insurance, emergency numbers, and local safety information all in one place in case something bad happens. It’s a really helpful app and check out the TravelSmart App commercial I did for Allianz Travel Insurance. Download it from the App store.

Disclaimer: I work with and receive financial compensation from TravelSmith, TripIt and Allianz Travel Insurance. The products recommended here were chosen by me because I feel they are valuable for travel.

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  1. I will have to check out the charger. Mine are always poor quality and break so if you say this one is good then I’ll grab it.

  2. Found a good small portable charger for my phone at Best Buy for $20 USD. No more worrying about my battery!

  3. Nice list Lee! For me the World Travel Adaptor with Twin USB Port from SKross is the best! You can plug it in anywhere in the world and charges all your electronics + has 2 additional USB ports for charging.

  4. Wow! Very useful gadgets. I am sure I’l use it while traveling ­čÖé

  5. Thanks for the advice, it definitely is vital while travelling

  6. Thank you so much for these tips. I’m about to embark on an adventure to Egypt, Jordan and Israel. I have an adapter but I think I’ll purchase the 4 in 1 you listed. Do you think it will work in the countries I listed? Will I also need a converter? I think I’ll download TripIt too since I have so many flights and hotels to keep organized.

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