TripIt Commercial: Full Length Version

Back in April, when I was doing a road trip, I started out by filming outtakes for what I consider the best travel app, TripIt Pro. We filmed in their headquarters in San Francisco with a really cool set up in a great building and a great crew.

I have had a long standing working relationship with TripIt for years now. I consider the people I work with over there friends. TripIt has sponsored speeches and events I’ve done including a SXSW travel meet up in 2014 and I was a part of their all day event this past March at SXSW.
Lee Abbamonte, TripIt, Commercial, San Francisco, Concur
They’ve also introduced me for keynote speeches including at the Public Relations Society of America conference in Tampa last year. I’ve featured them on national television dozens of times including one day last year where I spoke about them 3 times in one day on 3 different shows on 3 different channels! I also do monthly videos and blog posts for them plus I am a part of their monthly Twitter chat, #TripItChat.
Lee Abbamonte, TripIt, Commercial, San Francisco, Concur, make up
Needless to say, I love TripIt and truly value my longstanding relationship with them and their amazing team. I always say, there’s nothing better than working with good people because then it’s not like work. So when they asked me to participate in this commercial it was a no brainer and I’m so happy to see it finally out. There will also be multiple shorter versions out shortly that will be circulating the Internet.
Lee Abbamonte, TripIt, Commercial, San Francisco, Concur
I feel honored and excited to have done this TripIt commercial, not only with TripIt, but with 4 other fun, smart and talented friends from the travel and television community: Rachel Rudwall, Mario Armstrong, CC Chapman and Sharzad Kiadeh…nothing beats working with good people!
Lee Abbamonte, TripIt, Commercial, San Francisco, Concur, walking
I’m excited to see this campaign get started and have no doubt that TripIt Pro is the best app out there for travel and will change the way you travel if you haven’t already downloaded it. Believe me, from a guy who admittedly knows nothing about technology, TripIt Pro works!
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