Allianz Has Added Epidemic Coverage to Certain Annual Plans

I’ve long held travel insurance annual plans from Allianz Partners. They’ve been incredibly helpful for me in the few times I’ve needed to file a claim. They’ve recently added epidemic coverage to certain annual plans and will soon launch a campaign by top travel influencers to educate consumers about these products.  Following the March 2021 roll out of epidemic enhancements to its retail per-trip products, Allianz recently added coverage for epidemic-related cancellations, interruptions, delays and medical emergencies to some of its annual products.

Allianz Has Added Epidemic Coverage to Certain Annual Plans

To help get the word out about these enhancements, Allianz will work with a group of travel influencers, including myself. We will create content on our individual platforms about the importance of protecting trips with travel insurance and the convenience and value that annual products provide.  The group includes influencers that specialize in creating content about foreign travel, adventure travel, family travel, senior travel, military family travel, diversity travel and other areas of travel interest.

In a recent Allianz press release, I said “travel insurance is the best way to protect your trip from the constant uncertainty caused by COVID-19. I’m excited to once again partner with Allianz Travel Insurance to help educate consumers about this valuable coverage.  The addition of epidemic enhancements to annual travel insurance products will be a game changer for travelers and will help provide consumers with the confidence to book their next trip.

Specifically, the epidemic enhancements to some annual products add epidemic-related illness as a covered reason to cancel or interrupt a trip or seek reimbursement for emergency medical care, emergency medical transportation, change fees and loyalty points redeposit fees.  The product enhancements also allow insured customers to cancel or interrupt their trip if they or their traveling companion have been individually ordered to quarantine, regardless of whether they are ill or have tested positive for a disease.  The trip interruption and travel delay benefits on certain plans will also provide coverage if a customer or their traveling companion is denied boarding by their travel carrier due to suspicion of illness.  These epidemic enhancements are currently available on certain Allianz Global Assistance travel insurance products.

Responding to requirements at certain destinations that travelers have coverage for quarantine-related accommodations, Allianz’s product enhancements provide trip interruption coverage if an insured customer or their traveling companion is individually-ordered to quarantine while on their trip.  Under these benefits, insured customers may be eligible for reimbursement of the cost of additional food, lodging and transportation while quarantined. Additionally, as a temporary accommodation, customers who become ill with COVID-19 while on their trip will not be subject to the trip interruption benefit’s five-day maximum limit for additional accommodation and transportation expenses. This is fantastic news for travelers!

Disclaimer: I am a paid spokesman for Allianz.

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