American Express: Holiday Gift Ideas

With the holidays right around the corner, here is my latest installment of the American Express Passion Project: Holiday Gift Ideas. All of these items can be obtained using Amex Membership Rewards points. Have a look at what I selected. What is your favorite?!
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Via American Express’ Tumblr

Mobile 2600 mAh Power Charger for iPhoneand USB Devices

If you’re like me and constantly get annoyed that your iPhone battery is dying then this device is for you!

• Light and easy to carry
• You don’t need to find an outlet
• Convenient for the annoying short battery life on iPhones

Scanning Wand and Docking Station

These are great because they can perform multiple functions; quickly and easily so you don’t have to scatter looking for a FEDEX store!

• Wirelessly scan receipts, photos or letters
• Chord-free downloading to any Wi-Fi enabled computer
• Make e-copies in seconds

Nap Travel Flight Kit

Sleeping on planes, trains and automobiles is hard enough so why not increase your chances and get more comfortable with an easy to carry travel pillow.

• Perfect for traveling by plane, train or bus
• Included a memory foam core
• The U-shape design helps align the head, neck and back

iNeed Lumbar Massage Cushion

I have a bad back and this is the perfect way to massage an ailing lower back while sitting in the office, plane or wherever!

• Kneading shiatsu massage for your lower lumbar region
• Easy to pack
• No Batteries needed

Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity + Sleep Tracker

My favorite is the fitbit. I love these things and really help you to consciously stay focused on being healthy especially if you travel a lot where it’s easy to lose track of fitness. These things should be mandatory!

• Tracks your fitness level by steps throughout the day
• Measures distance traveled and calories burned
• Seamlessly syncs up with your mobile device or pc
• Tracks your sleep cycle

Disclaimer: I was selected by American Express as to help educate consumers about how to use Membership Rewards points. As such I was paid for my services, but all gift choices selected and opinions about the gifts and American Express are my own.

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