Five Tips for Baseball Season

Five Tips for Baseball Season

One of my favorite things to do every summer is watch America’s favorite pastime: baseball. My love for the sport recently took me to London to cheer on the New York Yankees (go team!) as they took on the Boston Red Sox in a two-game series at London Stadium. It was incredible watching my team triumph at these historic games marking the first time that Major League Baseball regular season games were played in England. Over the years I’ve also visited all 30 of our own MLB stadiums, in the U.S. Each one has its own character and charm, offering fans a truly unique experience. If you’re a baseball fan like me, read these top five tips for getting the most out of the 2019 baseball season:

  1. Follow Your Team

Experience different local traditions by cheering on your favorite team and players from a new stadium, like I did in London. I know it can be tough emotionally to travel to rival turf – but if you can stomach it, it’s an amazing experience for devoted fans. For example, Yankee Stadium has the “bleacher creatures” and is deep in franchise history. When the Yankees are up against the Red Sox at Fenway Park, I enjoy reminding Boston fans that the Yankees have won 27 World Series. Chicago is legendary for the bleacher seats at Wrigley Field as well as the rooftop decks that surround the ballpark. I also love going to the new ballparks in places like San Francisco and Pittsburgh where players can actually hit home runs into the water. And if it’s hot in Arizona you can take a dip in the right-centerfield pool!

Typically, I pay for these ballpark adventures with my Bank of America Premium Rewards credit card – for both traveling to the game and while at the stadium – because as a Bank of America Preferred Rewards member, I earn 3.5 points per dollar on travel and dining. This is great when I’m booking flights to follow my teams across the country and buying up all those ballpark concessions.

Check out my recent video from my recent trip to London for the historic Yankees vs Red Sox matchup!

  1. Get Cash Inside the Stadium with No Fees

While enjoying the game it’s fun to explore the different food vendors at the ballpark with options ranging from the classics (cotton candy, hot dogs, frozen lemonade) to the local cuisine specials (Lobel’s Steak Sandwich at Yankee Stadium, Ahi poke tacos at the San Diego Padre’s Petco Park). In Seattle, you can even get fried crickets at the game! It can be more convenient to tip vendors and/or pay from your seat with cash rather than having to wait for your credit card to be swiped. That’s not a problem for me because as a Bank of America Preferred Rewards member in the Platinum Honors tier of the program, I get unlimited no-fee transactions at all non-Bank of America ATMs in the U.S.

  1. Rep Your Team’s Gear

Whether watching the game at the stadium or a nearby bar, show your team spirit by wearing hats, jerseys and more. This is easy for me and my favorite of my five tips for baseball season. Earlier this month, Bank of America rolled out the Bank of America Extras program for MLB. One of the unique rewards the program offers is an “Extra Innings” discount for all Bank of America credit and debit card holders – who receive a 25% discount on their team’s gear for 24 hours each time their team goes into extra innings. Bank of America has also partnered with the MLB and players from all 30 teams to design 30 custom t-shirts that celebrate each of the teams and cities. Bank of America customers can purchase these t-shirts here. I’ve watched countless games go into extra innings and will be sure to take advantage of this new Bank of America program as I expand my gear collection – including the custom Yankees t-shirt inspired by pitcher Luis Severino.

Lee in BofA Extras Yankees Shirt

You’ll be seeing me in this Bank of America Extras shirt a ton when I’m cheering on my favorite team.

  1. Embrace the Ballpark Traditions

One of my favorite things about going to games is fully embracing all the ballpark traditions. I love singing ‘Take me out to the Ballgame’ at Wrigley Field in Chicago or how the grounds crew at Yankee Stadium does the YMCA every game in the 5th inning. It’s great to sing for singing’s sake, but if you’re enthusiastic and loud enough you might get featured on the jumbotron – which always makes for a memorable game day.

View of Yankee Stadium and the jumbotron

Appearing on the jumbotron is a fan favorite, no matter who you’re cheering for!

  1. BYOC (Bring Your Own Cozy)

An ideal baseball game day is full of sunshine, so if you’re like me your drink of choice will likely be cold. And nothing brings down the mood like a lukewarm drink on a hot day. Remember to pack a drink cozy in your pocket to ensure your brew stays at the right temp the entire time you’re enjoying it!

Whether you’ve attended too many MLB games to count or are hoping to visit a stadium for the first time this summer, keep these tips in mind to maximize your fun and financial rewards at the ballpark.

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Disclaimer: I am a paid spokesperson for Bank of America.

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