Five Tips for Baseball Season

Five Tips for Baseball Season One of my favorite things to do every summer is watch America’s favorite pastime: baseball. My love for the sport recently took me to London to cheer on the New York Yankees (go team!) as they took on the Boston Red Sox in a two-game series at London Stadium. It […]

What Derek Jeter Means To Me

As I sit here on the couch, just minutes before the start of Derek Jeter’s last home game with the New York Yankees, I just started thinking what Derek Jeter means to me. That might sound weird to a lot of people but as a New Yorker, Yankees and baseball fan; Derek Jeter means something […]

My Reaction to the Alex Rodriguez Suspension

If you’re a sports fanatic like me then there’s nothing you are more tired of hearing about than performance enhancing drugs (PEDs). Biogenesis, steroids, PEDs, HGH, testosterone, etc. are the most annoying terms to enter into sports lingo since LeBron James did “the decision”. In light of the recent suspension of Alex Rodriguez and the […]