My 10 Favorite Instagram Accounts

Unless you live under a rock, you’re probably aware that Instagram is one of, if not the most popular app in the world.  Most users will agree that there are a lot of issues with Instagram in terms of what you see and don’t see and the dreaded yet not understood algorithm.  So I thought I’d share my 10 favorite Instagram accounts excluding my own but please feel free to follow if you don’t already.

If you look at my account, you’ll notice I don’t follow that many people on Instagram. I try to limit my time on social media plus I get annoyed with all the fake followers, follow unfollow, comment pods, bots and unrealistic photos that send the wrong message to followers.  I try to keep it real and I like accounts that do the same or offer something fun, funny, beautiful or interesting.  I’m also a fan of excellent photography and those who travel to cool places and take great photos. So here are my 10 favorite Instagram accounts.

Zach is a friend of mine and one of the most knowledgable travel minds I know. His Instagram account is chock full of inside information about luxury travel, miles, and other things that make him Editor At Large of The Points Guy.  He, along with my buddy (and the actual Points Guy) Brian Kelly, are my go to guys for points and miles advice when it comes to my travel!

Susan is a great person, a friend and one of the most gifted photographers I know. She doesn’t get enough credit for how good her work is and I’m a huge fan.  She takes simple scenery and brings it alive.  I love following her and always look forward to her posts.

#relationshipgoals @barstoolnewsnet

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Barstool Sports is my single favorite account on all of Instagram. As many of you know sports is my first love and I love to bust balls and laugh at just about anything. Barstool combines just about everything I love and does it in a fun and hilarious way. Check them out.

FINALLY! Finally we are live with our next Travel Bootcamp conference, sorry it’s taken so long but we’ve wanted to make it perfect. If you want to learn how to get paid to travel through instagramming, blogging or writing then check out our only 2018 event. We’re coming back to my home turf, the Gold Coast and we’ve finally landed our dream venue too. (QT Gold Coast). The date is the 30th June and our early bird tickets will be on sale for at least the next few weeks, or until sold out. They’re $100 off so definitely worth snapping up. For those that have come to past events I’m also excited to announce that I’m completely redoing my content to reflect changes to the industry, new features on Instagram and new learnings. This is hands down my favorite thing to do and I hope to meet heaps of you there! Link in bio to buy tickets/ learn more or check out @thetravelbootcamp ?????? . . . . . . #awesome_earthpix #theglobewanderer #wonderful_places #bbctravel #discoverearth #cntraveler #resourcetravel #lonelyplanet #seeaustralia #australia #wearegoldcoast #qtgoldcoast #surfersparadise #visitsurfersparadise #thisisqueensland #olympusinspired #intrepidtravel #queensland #sunrise

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Lauren is an award winning photographer from Australia who I had the pleasure of meeting last year. She’s a really nice person and has an impeccable eye. Her photos are real, colorful and a byproduct of her hard work and natural ability.

Sara is the only person on this list who I don’t know personally but I love her work. Yes she posts ridiculously sexy photos but she does so tastefully from really awesome places and works with some of the top photographers in the world. I like her because she owns her fun, adventurous personality in her stories and photos, does them artistically, sexy and fun. I’d love to meet her sometime.

Clint is a good friend, golfing buddy and one of the best photographers I know. Although I bust his balls about his drone shots, they are truly breathtaking and I admire them greatly. While you’ll never see him wearing shorts, he gets around the world pretty well and takes some of the best photos on Instagram. Give him a follow.

The Galapagos! We flew in, took a (very) quick ferry over to Santa Cruz Island, and headed straight for the giant tortoises. It's crazy – they're everywhere, including on the roads! This pond is near the Charles Darwin Research Station. There were four naturalists with us the entire trip, from the time we landed to when we departed the ship five days later, and they knew everything. So nice to have constant information on the flora and fauna for the kids to soak in. I HIGHLY recommend @metropolitantouring if you're heading to the Galapagos. Lots more info will be in my blog post – hopefully next week! #traveldeeper #afarambassador #gnomads #takeyourkidseverywhere #familytravel #galapagos #galapagoswithkids

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Eric is a great guy and my secret family travel crush.  I don’t have kids but I love kids and when I do someday, I hope to travel with them the way Eric travels with his kids.  Of course his photos are amazing as well and always done tastefully and artistically when his kids are involved.

If you follow me, you know about my French Bulldog, Hector. He came into my life 2 years ago and it has changed me in many ways.  Basically, I now like dogs more than people!  I follow a few Frenchies on Instagram because I have issues but my favorites are Jax and Opie. They are two brothers from Rhode Island who I had the pleasure of meeting last weekend at a Frenchie Meet-Up in New York City! They’re so cute and so fun to follow!

Palm Trees, Powerlines and a Fool Moon ?? . #LeicaCL #LosAngeles #SuperMoon2018

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My boy Pete is an amazing photographer based in Manhattan Beach, California. He’s creative, artistic and a great dude. Nobody photographs a pier like Pete and he’s doing some amazing mixing and matching of places in his photos. It’s really cool to see so check him out.

I’m often asked who I really admire and my first thought is generally my friend Colin. This guy overcame potentially life threatening burns to become an elite athlete who also climbed all seven summits plus skied the last degree to both the North and South Poles. Oh and he did it in 5 months or so! Trust me that’s amazing! Colin has become a good friend and is a great guy, check him out.

Who do you love on Instagram?

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  2. Sara Underwood is so hot! Girl crush.

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  4. I’m all in on Sara Underwood!

  5. I love your BAE stories, they make my day every time you do them! Which accounts inspire it?

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