My Top 10 Places to Visit in 2020

My Top 10 Places to Visit in 2020

In the season of New Year’s resolutions and goal setting, now is a good time to start planning your travel for the year ahead. From sporting events abroad to tons of travel opportunities within the U.S., there’s lots I’m looking forward to in 2020.

I’ll be hitting the ground running so I can pack in as much traveling as possible. For those who are still planning out 2020 trips – don’t worry, you’ve got time. Here are my top 10 destinations.

Top international destinations:

  • Europe (England, Germany, Scotland, Azerbaijan and more) & Japan

2020 is a big year for sports. Japan is hosting the Olympics in Tokyo, and for the first time, the Union of European Football Associations’ (UEFA) Euro 2020 will play out across the continent in 12 different host cities. This is a dream come true for sports fans. I will be catching games in a few of the host cities and will be proudly supporting Team USA in Tokyo, so keep an eye on the jumbotron for me!


  • New Zealand

If you’re an adrenaline junkie like me, bungy jumping is a must here – one of my favorite New Zealand memories is jumping from Nevis Bungy near Queenstown. If that isn’t what you look for when vacationing, I’d recommend boogie boarding down the sand dunes or hiking up a volcano.

  • Mexico

If you love good food and sports, then Mexico City is the place to be. There’s nothing quite like going to a soccer game at Estadio Azteca, the atmosphere is unmatched. Plus, the city is home to the best street taco vendors I’ve ever encountered. You can enjoy the city year-round, too – check out its active music scene, thriving theaters and dance culture while eating your way through its various food events.

Punta Mita, Mexico

  • Brazil

The Iguazu Falls – one of my favorite natural wonders of the world – are located on the border of Brazil and Argentina and consist of over 275 waterfalls. I remember the last time I went on a tour of the Falls – I could hear them well before I saw them. While I love everything about New York, including Niagara Falls, there’s something special about Iguazu that you have to see to believe.

  • Australia

If you’ve read my blogs, you know I love Australia. It’s one of my favorite places. From its tropical beaches and “bushwalking” (AKA hiking) to the world-renowned Sydney Opera House, there are always new adventures in Australia. I highly recommend visiting Sydney but must admit Melbourne is a personal favorite. One of Australia’s largest cities, it has so much to offer: cafes, street art and a vibrant street culture. I prefer to explore the alleys, laneways and arcades – that’s where you really find the heart of Melbourne.

Top U.S. destinations:

  • Scottsdale, AZ

I love Scottsdale, so much so that I’m thinking about retiring there. There are great hiking trails at Camelback Mountain, Papago Park and Hole in the Rock, plus the city has phenomenal golfing. And for those of you who know me, I don’t joke about golfing. During a recent visit, I stayed at Sanctuary Camelback Mountain Resort & Spa, and got to hike, golf The Short Course at Mountain Shadows and watch some of the most gorgeous sunsets.

On Top of Camelback Mountain

  • Santa Barbara, CA

Santa Barbara is a great place to recharge. I enjoy the food, the wine and just chatting with the locals. I’m often there to catch a game, but Santa Barbara also has great zoos, beaches, museums and restaurants. You can also check out some of the city’s hidden gems like Knapp’s Castle ruins – an intriguing place with a few secrets of its own.

  • Portland, OR

Portland has a bit of everything – restaurants, bars, parks and more. You can try bone marrow ice cream, visit the smallest park in the world and stop by The Wishing Tree. The city has an edgy vibe, but its residents are so welcoming.

  • Tampa, FL

I know Tampa is usually thought of as a spring break destination, but it has so much more to offer. I enjoy going to the city’s zoos and aquariums and spending time with the animals. But for my low-key trips, I like to kick back at Clearwater Beach. It’s known for its soft white beaches and calm waters – it’ll be a vacation to remember.

  • Boston, MA

Most of the time when I’m in Boston it’s for the sports, but I also enjoy exploring the city. It’s one of the oldest cities in the U.S. and has so much history around every corner. Boston is filled with museums and universities, making it both beautiful and educational. This is the place to explore if you’re looking to experience the quintessential American city.

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With a financial rewards strategy in place and a number of exciting places to see, I’ve got a feeling this is going to be a great year. Cheers to 2020!

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  1. Very jealous of euro 2020

  2. Great article, thinking of Rio for carnival.

  3. If you are visiting Scottsdale in April this year, don’t miss the culinary festival hosted by the Scottsdale League for the Arts. The festival provides an array of fine wines, tasty spirits and impressive multi-course dishes. You can try out the Great Arizona Picnic featuring live music, tasting stations and demonstrations by top chefs.

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