People are Strange

People are strange. You can never really put a finger on people even if you think you can. People have their own reasons for doing things and/or not doing things. Sometimes you understand their reasons and sometimes you don’t. Sometimes they can explain their rationale and sometimes they can’t and most of the time they shouldn’t have to. People make decisions that they think are best for them at that time. The same is true with me and you and everybody reading this. What makes people do or don’t do things is a personal choice. Peoples reasons whether you believe them to be right or wrong or wishy washy or whatever are their choices and sometimes you just know things that are best for you, even if you can’t explain it. Sometimes you just have to stick to your guns. This is true in travel and in life.

I have a reader who had emailed me several times about a trip she was planning on going on to Southeast Asia. I had helped her plan her trip as I am always happy to do and then I got an email yesterday saying that she wasn’t going anymore. I found this strange as she was supposed to leave in a few days. I figured that there was some type of personal issue or family thing going on so I wrote back asking why she cancelled her trip. She wrote back that she just changed her mind and didn’t think that it was the best thing for her right now. Having never met this reader, I wasn’t going to pry any further and accepted her reasons as stated.

That got me thinking about things. Her reason for cancelling her trip was kind of a microcosm of life and people. For whatever reason, she decided it wasn’t right for her to go on that trip at this time. Maybe she will do it in the future, maybe she won’t, but she made a decision that she thought was best for her at this time. A lot of people including myself, would never dream of cancelling a trip like that except for the most dire of circumstances. Given an opportunity to take a dream trip of sorts, most people would kill to have that chance but it made me realize in a way that people do things that they are comfortable with in general. As I always try to be spontaneous with things and take advantage of opportunities to do new things and go new places, not everyone is like that. In the end, with travel and in life you have to do what you feel comfortable with and it really doesn’t matter if you can’t explain it-sometimes you just know when you should or you shouldn’t.

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  1. Interesting post, People are Strange is my favourite Doors song

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