Picking Travel Partners

Picking a travel partner is one of the most important decisions you can make in traveling. It can literally make or break your trip. If you do not travel well with someone or have very different ideas about how you want to do things then you can expect to be annoyed and have arguments and believe me, nothing is worse than that.

Nobody travels exactly the same but you need to find others who are similar and easy going. You need to be able to compromise on certain things and have the ability without being sensitive about stupid things to break apart for a while if you want to take different paths and then meet up later.

I have been very fortunate with my selection of travel partners over the years. I have some great friends who are perfect travel companions and are very easy going. In the end you are all trying to accomplish the same thing in having the best time possible while seeing the best and the most stuff. I have seen it so many times that people fight and argue and complain about the people they are spening 24 hours a day with for sometimes years at a time. That can be devastating. I have also seen many couples traveling together break up because they are driving each other nuts. It is not always easy to travel with a significant other or even a best friend. Just because you really like or even love another person doesn’t mean you will be compatible to spend days on end together without getting under each others skin. Most married couples haven’t even spent that kind of time together. Remember you are with the same person all day in close quarters usually. I have seen it happen so many times it almost is funny to me.

When choosing a partner just remember that you will be together constantly and you need to be easy going and amenable to them and to different things. You need to compromise on little things and if there is something big you differ in opinion on, don’t get mad just do it and meet back up later. Your trip and friendship will be better. And if you are traveling with a good friend, girlfriend/boyfriend/spouse…it can be wonderful but be careful as well because if you aren’t careful that can be an explosive situation when traveling long distances for longer periods of time. Choose wisely.

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  1. you haven’t traveled with me!

  2. I wasn’t referring to little sisters. One of these days Buxton.

  3. Sounds like the beginning of a Dr. Phil book.

  4. You read Dr. Phil books?

  5. GRACIELA says

    I am planning a trip with a mate I met in one of my trips. It is the first time I do so. I am going to do my best. Your comments are useful and I am going to take them into account.

  6. Thanks for the note Graciela, I am glad to help people plan their trips and give advice. If you need any other advice shoot me an email. Good luck with your trip.

  7. One thing I forgot to mention is cheapness or lack of funds. Beware of cheap and broke people when you are traveling, especially as your partner. Be sure you guys have the money stuff squared away beforehand because I have seen it be a bone of contention. Things even out or at least they should. I have an unwritten rule with my friends that we don’t even have to say stuff and it always evens out at the end. Remember a few bucks really isn’t that big a deal, don’t let it ruin your trip.

  8. I travelled last summer with my best mate for the first time. We fought constantly and eventually decided to split up and travel Thailand alone. I know exactly what you mean. Travelling can be brilliant but if you don’t enjoy your mates it can be tough.

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