5 Must Have Summer Travel Products

It may be the dog days of August but summer is still in full bloom; especially where I currently am in Las Vegas! Keeping cool, clean and refreshed this summer should always be a priority and my friends at TravelSmith have some awesome products to make your summer just a little better and easier! Here are 5 must have summer travel products!

ExOfficio BugsAway Adventure Hat
This hat is awesome because it’s perfect for both keeping sun off your head and face and the insect shield technology keeps mosquitoes and other critters away! I wild definitely be using this next month when I’m trekking in the jungles of Central Africa! But you still have to take malaria pills!
ExOfficio BugsAway Adventure Hat, 5 must have summer travel products, summer travel products
OluKai Hokua Pahu Sandals
I’ll be doing some waterfall hikes next month in Equatorial Guinea so these sandals will be perfect. They are much more functional that my normal flip flops and obviously they are made to get wet unlike sneakers or hiking shoes. I’m looking forward to putting these to the test in Africa!
OluKai Hokua Pahu Sandals, 5 must have summer travel products, summer travel products
Marmot PreClip Jacket
I’ve written about this jacket before in my TravelSmith product review but it’s great for the summer. It’s very lightweight and breathable. It keeps the rain and wind away. Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean there is no weather especially if you’re on an active trip. This is one of my favorite jackets.
Marmot PreClip Jacket, 5 must have summer travel products, summer travel products
Travel Mini Trimmer
If you’re like me and hate using straight razors because you get skin irritation but don’t like carrying around a big set of clippers or one of those electric shavers, then this is for you. It’s lightweight, compact and gets the job done. I only wish I found this earlier!
Travel Mini Trimmer, 5 must have summer travel products, summer travel products
Tori Richard Dog Park Shirt
I’ll be honest, I don’t actually have this shirt and it’s not even really my style but I love that they call it a dog park shirt! Ever since I got my puppy Hector earlier this year, I’ve been spending a lot of time at the dog park so I’m going to get this and try it out this summer!
Tori Richard Dog Park Shirt, 5 must have summer travel products, summer travel products
Disclaimer: I have a business relationship with TravelSmith and receive financial compensation and free products.

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  1. What is insect shield technology?

    • Haha, honestly I have no idea but that’s what made me want it…I can barely work a cell phone but the good news is I will find out next month when I really try it out and report back…as long as I don’t get malaria!

  2. LOL re the dog park shirt and why you like it! I love Hector on Snapchat, wish he was in Vegas with you!

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