SV Xplore

The sailing vessel (SV) Xplore is a British made, Panamanian registered and Australian owned yacht. It measures 20.47 meters or about 70 feet. It has been battle tested in the rugged Antarctic waters of the Southern Ocean and it is really nice. I was privileged to be on it for a few days going to and from Pitcairn Island.

Captain Stephen Wilkins also owns the boat. He is a great guy who is incredibly knowledgeable about sailing and very professional. Safety is always first and everything is done on his boat as it should be.

The boat itself fits 8 passengers comfortably and up to 4 crew. The bunks are relatively spacious and even at 6’3”; I was able to stretch out fully in my bunk without hitting anything. Compared to other yachts I’ve ridden on, it was like heaven.

The bathrooms are spotless and very hygienic. They are cleaned throughout the day and you are given strict instructions on how to use and clean up after yourself. It also has a shower that is relatively easy to use.

The kitchen is stocked, spacious and even has a big eating and sitting area if it is raining on deck for meals. Luckily for me, it did rain a lot but we were always able to eat on deck. The fresh air helps a lot.

The cockpit area was large enough to have all hands on deck and have it not be annoying. There are a few cool little spaces that are super comfortable, especially when on the leeward side.

What else can you ask for from a chartered yacht? I couldn’t have been happier. In fact, I spent a good deal of time chatting with the skipper about doing some other trips in the Indian, South Atlantic and Antarctic seas. We are currently working out the details but hope to have some firm dates soon to work with for late this year.

My trip to Pitcairn, 51 hours there and 45 hours back to Mangareva, was certainly made hugely more manageable because of Stephen, his first mate Alexis and the fine yacht they operate. I even got to drive a little! I highly recommend the SV Xplore.

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  1. I love your bathing suit

  2. You look like you had a blast, enjoy being home

  3. I’m sold on the boat, when are you chartering it again? Where are you going exactly?

    • I am not sure what the dates will be as the skipper needs to figure out his schedule, prices and repositioning etc. There is a lot that goes into moving a yacht halfway around the world, time and money wise but the targets are Tristan de Cunha, St. Helena and perhaps Bouvet or Kerguelin plus the BIOT.

      • The South Atlantic/Indian Ocean trip sounds very cool.. I’m wanting to do St. Helena/Ascension via RMS St. Helena + flight to Falklands, if I ever get around to that. Still leaves out Tristan though, that’s a tough nut to crack.

        • Ya I hear ya but I’d like to do Tristan in same swoop with St Helena because you can always fly to Ascension…any way you look at it, it’s a pain and expensive but doable in one long trip, otherwise two.

  4. You’re hot.

  5. Richard says

    Hi Lee, sorry for hijacking but saw you ask about Halifax on your FB page, and I’m having trouble logging into FB and following you. Anyway, I live hear and our museum is great, with lots of Titanic memorabilia.

    What did you do on other trip to Nova Scotia and Newfoundland? You always seem to find interesting things to pursue?

  6. Oh, the museum is called the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic. Henry House is a good place for a local microbrew.

    PS — I meant “live here” not “hear”

  7. Hey Richard and thanks for the advice, I will try to get there. Last time I was there for work in 2001 so I only really saw the hotel and office. Looking forward to getting there for a few days!

  8. Richard says

    You should try to also make it to Labrador too — its not too far and is awesome, the middle of nowhere, like another planet, and a flight from here.

  9. Hi Lee,

    Great article! How did you end up navigating the islands of Tuvalu, Nauru, Micronesia and the Marshall Islands? I’m leaving on an international expedition this summer and am having a difficult time figuring out travel around those little islands…


  10. Hi Lee,

    Great article! I’m curious as to how you navigated Tuvalu, Nauru, Marshall Islands and Micronesia? I’m leaving on an international expedition this summer and am having a hard time trying to figure out travel around those little islands.


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