This Mornings Radio Clip

As promised, here is the audio clip of my second appearance on the Washington Post Radio Morning Show from this morning. I want to thank them again for having me on and I want to give special thanks to a truly delightful young lady, Jessica Marcus, who made it all possible.

Washington Post Radio Interview 2

In case you missed Fridays interview, Washington Post Radio Interview

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  1. Great job man…should have plugged the site.

  2. Ya, I didn’t really get an opportunity to plug it with the questions they asked, they posted a link on their website though so people can find it

  3. stone henge is the only one i’ve seen 🙁

  4. don’t fret Buxton, u still have time

  5. I can’t believe you said stonehenge was “a bunch of rocks at the side of the road in the middle of nowhere”-thats really funny.

  6. Stonehenge is a cool place and totally worth the visit if you are in England but I can’t put it as a wonder of the world. I exaggerated its value as being less than it is, but bottom line is it’s not nearly as impressive as many other places that were nominated although it does have a lot of qualifications and does have a lot of the criteria I would use for a wonder.

  7. Hi Lee, great radio interview, you were funny and certainly smarter and better than the people interviewing you-especially the guy.

  8. Haha, thx for note Kaitlyn, it was a lot of fun

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