Where Should I Go?

I literally get asked this question everyday. My first response is always, “Well what do you like to do and what are you looking for?” because everyone is different in their tastes, desires, budgets, etc. In addition, some people like the beach, some like mountains, some like cities, some like adventure and some like to just wander around aimlessly, all of which are fine so here are some general (although I hate to generalize) and basic ideas.

For all around great destinations (ie the places that everyone wants to go to) that really have everything including: great beaches, food, people, culture, adventure and beautiful scenery, etc. try: Australia, Thailand, France, Brazil, New Zealand, South Africa, Egypt, Costa Rica, Turkey, Spain, Italy, Morocco, Argentina.

For a real culture shock at a very reasonable price try: India, Cambodia, Vietnam, Peru, Bolivia, Zambia, Sri Lanka, Nicaragua, Bulgaria, Philippines.

For great hiking and stunning mountain views try: Canada, Switzerland, Austria, New Zealand, Peru, Chile, Georgia, Nepal, India, Ethiopia.

For relaxation and killer beaches try: Caribbean, Mexico, Fiji, Australia, Zanzibar, Thailand, South Africa, Brazil, Panama, Belize, Venezuela, Egypt and the Red Sea.

Great regions to backpack in try: Europe-broken down into regions (Eastern, Western, Central, Southern, Baltics, Balkans, Mediterranean), Southeast Asia, Australia-New Zealand, Southern/Eastern Africa (Nairobi to Capetown), Middle East and Red Sea, South America-broken into regions (Brazil, Patagonia, Altiplano, Inca Trail, Atacama, Andes, Rainforests and Antarctic), India, Central America and North America (Western Canada, through the US down to Mexico).

I hope some of these ideas help and if you ever have any specific questions, feel free to email me as always.

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  1. I am going to Venezuela over New Years, what is your favorite place to go in Venezuela thats outside of Caracas?

  2. Margarita Island, Los Roques and Angel Falls

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