The 30 Best Countries For Food

The 30 best countries for food is a nearly impossible task and I am sure that everyone reading this will disagree at some or many of my choices. However, that’s what’s so fun about lists like these-everybody has their own opinions. Check out the 30 best cities in the world or the 30 best islands in the world or some of my other 30 best lists to see more.
spaghetti, italy
Food is a topic, like politics, where everybody really has strong opinions and everyone thinks everybody else is wrong! Food is a strong memory for most people. It reminds us of places, people and good times. When we think of certain foods, it brings us back to restaurants when we travel. It brings smells back to our noses and to people we may not have seen in years. Food is really important and perhaps the best thing about travel. There’s a reason that every single show on the Travel Channel these days is about food!
Joes Pizza, NYC
So for this list I have some criteria that I followed in picking the countries I chose and these choices are all by me based on my experiences with eating the food from these countries. Since I’m writing about different foods, I also thought that I’d go ahead and delineate the difference between doordash and postmates, for this bit of information is vital to us. Anyway, here is my criteria:
Ferraros, burrata, Four Seasons Maui, Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea, Wailea, Hawaii, Maui
– I have been to the country at least one time and eaten local/national food when in country.
– I have eaten the food in at least one other country.
– The choices could have been from a fancy restaurant or from a food cart or anything in between.
– I used all 7 continents in my selections even though all 7 were not chosen.
– Only United Nations Member States were considered for selection (193 countries).
– The selections were made based on native foods or foods best known from that country.
– Countries with big cities with many international restaurants were not selected based on what they offer, they were selected based on native foods; i.e. Sydney, London, etc. having great international restaurants would not influence their countries being selected.

Cabo, Cabo house, view, Mexico, Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos, San Jose del Cabo, Villas del Mar, tostadas
So here’s what I came up with and believe me, this was really hard!!! What do you think? What’s your favorite country for food?
Robinson Crusoe Island, Chile, Crusoe Island Lodge, lobster
30. Bosnia
29. Vietnam
28. Cameroon
27. Uzbekistan
26. Portugal
25. China
24. Peru
23. Spain
22. India
21. Afghanistan
20. Nepal
19. Ethiopia
18. Colombia
17. Georgia
16. Morocco
15. El Salvador
14. Singapore
13. Turkey
12. Micronesia
11. Germany
10. Yemen
9. Thailand
8. Japan
7. Brazil
6. Greece
5. Mexico
4. United States
3. France
2. Argentina
1. Italy

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  1. spain at 23?!?!? inconceivable! haha

    • Amy, how much ham can a person eat?!?!

      • jamon forever!

      • María Romero Marchante says

        Spain is more than paella, ham and tortilla and i am only talking about the most tipical food. Then you have regional food that i think is a thousand times better than paella or tortilla
        By they way i m surprise libanese food is not on the list.
        The top 10 i mostly agree 🙂

      • Sorry, but according to your answer you have no idea at all about Spanish food. Go to McDonalds and enjoy the type of dishes you deserve.

      • Andre Branco says

        I feel sorry for your ignorance! Germany? US? I am surprised not to see the uk in this absurd list. And i guess that by italian and mexican food you mean pizza and tacos. What about lebanese, japanese, portuguese, spanish and turkish? You have a lot to learn in what regards food

      • I wonder where you have been eating at Spain…
        I am sure there are a lot of regional food you haven’t even heard about it.
        For Sure you haven’t eat Cochinillo at Candido or Jose Maria in Segovia, (if you did you will have put Spain in 1st position, I am sure).

        Probably Spain is the only country which has 3 Restaurants in the top ten list by mistake (and there are not 4 because El Bulli closed),

      • rosa miller says

        Hi Lee, awesome awesome awesome. thank you for all you do.
        one thing. u obviously have not been to Jamaica.
        not the preetiest country but its up there, and by far the best cuisine in the world by a long shot.
        let me know.

      • Really!? To you Spanish food it is only ham? Maybe you don’t know spanish food it is insane say number 23. Spanish food is Paella, tapas, gazpacho, croquetas, kokotxas, pintxos, Etc…

    • a list without Portugal is not a list!!

    • Hilarious, isn’t it? Gave me my first belly laugh of the day.

    • Absolutely no way – I would place Spain in top 3 at least. Lots of amazing variety of native foods.

  2. Cool list! Yemen at #10 is a surprise but I’ve never been there before so I’ll take your word for it! Nepal at #20 is also a surprise — especially considering it’s ranked higher than Spain, China, and Vietnam. From what I recall, the Nepalese eat dal bhat and momos and don’t really eat to enjoy their food (at least that’s what the locals told me)…and after trying the dishes, I can kind of agree with them. 😉 Did you try other dishes there?

    • Diana, I love moms and enjoyed most of what I ate there although I cannot recall all the dish names. I am not a huge fan of Chinese or Spanish food but they both made the list…there’s a lot of great food out there and yes Yemen has amazing food!

      • Thanks for replying. I’m sure putting this list together is hard especially one that is sure to garner tons of opinions. Keep traveling and sharing your thoughts with us!

        • hmm… you probably didn’t tried other delicacy like chatamari, chwela, yamari, Samay Baji, Sukuti, Kwati, Sanya Khuna, takhalaa, Syabhaley, Sell roti, alu achar and many more.
          I’m a newar(cast) and we have parties like each month and we sure eat to enjoy. Most of the foods i mentioned above are newari foods. Try these foods if you visit nepal again. you will love them 🙂 dont know about the rank but momos aren’t the only dish here 😉 😀

  3. Hi,
    You missed out Lebanon,The best Mediterranean cuisine
    origin of Hummus and Tabboulee
    check it out

  4. Malaysia (and Singapore)!

  5. Food in Nepal tastes great..dal…hmmmm. .

  6. Have you ever tried PORTUGUESE food?!?
    Perhaps not….but don’t forget the wine;)

    • Portuguese is definitely the best food in the world and I dont know why is not on the list. I am shocked at that list.

  7. What about PORTUGAL?!?
    I can’t believe you never tried…and accompanied with wine…

  8. U missed the lebanese cuisine….far much better than turkey’s dishes….in the middle east, leb food is the best

  9. I’m Viet, and I’m kindda proudo when my country made it into your list. But to honest, I WILL NOT recommend you to eat food in my country if you haven’t experimented any ‘hardcore’ asian food. 8/10 Viet who have lived in another country for more than 6 months have diarrhea when eat Viet food again. I myself loooovvvveee our food, and sure I can give you a tour of Viet foods if i have a chance., but you have to prepare for what’s coming. Beautiful but surely spiky 😀


  11. Mexican and Greek Food is very simple and one dimensional. Not worth to be rated under the top ten

  12. C’mon missed Serbian cuisine. You never know until you try something so I understand. I invite you to come at my place and try some delicious Serbian dishes. After that this list is going to change.

  13. and Belgium?? hello!!

    • Belgium should be in this list, period. The best chocolate, the best waffles,… and not to mention: the best beers in the world!

  14. Sarthak Sawa says

    I can’t say much coz obviously I haven’t to all these countries but India and China should be ranked higher… Much higher.. These 2 countries are big ! You might have tasted only a particular snack… I’m an Indian and even I haven’t tasted all the stuff it has to offer .. There are 29 states and each one of them have their own dishes, and each has ton of it ! There is no particular national dish though variants of paneer (cottage cheese) and dal (lentils) are there all over the country.
    Also I think USA could have been ranked lower than Mexico

    Just my opinion..

    • I really agree with you. Despite getting to taste food stuff from most parts of the world, i cherish Indian food to the core

  15. Giancarlo Andersonn says

    Peru 24? At least is the best of South America! Argentina 2? There are only meat!

  16. I have not been to all the places you listed. Hard to argue with Italy in the top spot. I would think Thailand would be in top 3. I would move India, Spain, and Afghanistan way up; surprised at no Malaysia. I hear that Taiwan might have most amazing food scene in the world.

  17. I think Romania is missing from your list. You should check it out , I’m sure you won’t regret.

    • come on man…sarmale, mamaliga and mici…that’s all…one of the worst, sorry 🙂

      • This means you never tasted food from all romanian regions.
        Anyway, each country is the best at their speciality.

        • Look, I m not referring to the people or the beauty of the country, don t get me wrong. I m just referring to your food, which is actually very poor in contrast with others of this list. I ve been in Romania for 3 years, still visiting from times to times. I used to live in many places apart Bucharest, Bihor, Slatina, Oradea, Valcea and Iasi which I think is giving me a very good picture of the culinary variety in your country. I think I have very good knowledge of the food especially in Europe since I m living around Europe the past 20 years. I tasted food at weddings, houses and restaurants in your country. Believe me, Romania has many beauties but food-wise is really very poor. In not any case you can compare it with Mediterranean countries for example. I m sorry but this is the truth.

  18. Dear Lee,
    I Beg you please now tell me what is to be GOOD in USA apart of the garbage of food you have in McDonalds, plastic food and still you put it on 4th place !!! Come ON a country with about 200 years existance !! What is ORIGINAL from USA ???????
    I see as well that you never tried our ?evap?i?i, Baklava, Burek, Ražnji?i, filled paprika, Sarma, Staraš, etc !!! No one country of the Balkans is listed !! Shame ! Neither Portugal… looks like in all your travels you skipped the center of culture : The Mediterranean sea, which is NOT only Italy !

  19. Saketh Chakilam says

    This person is a half baked moron, who hasn’t travelled through the world . He is a disgrace to all those genuine gourmets . He surely hasn’t tried Indian before, or maybe , Indian to him is what he had in a degraded Indian restaurant by his villa. Move out of your shell, break your shackles , see, learn and , travel before you judge and blog down something . To me or to any sane person who can take spicess, to any person with functional taste buds, would rate Indian way above. India , believe me , my friends! Has the widest cuisine the world has ever seen. Try out the food on Indian streets and homes, before you get judgemental.

  20. Fatima M. Brenner says

    Where is Portugal? I love Italian food… but have you ever tried Portuguese one? It is not because I am Portuguese… but they have so much different good food… e. g. to cook cod, there are about 100 different ways to do a dish… I am really surprised/upset!

  21. India and China so low in Ranking and USA so high :-o…
    Seems like the author sat at home did a Google search for famous countries and created a random list.
    Does he even know how many states and provinces are there with their unique cuisines, in India and China??

  22. This list is pretty silly. Chinese food below American? What part of China? Sichuan hotpot over burgers and hot dogs any day.

  23. India@ 22 and below Nepal!
    You surely dont know what you writing about.
    You definitely haven’t tried Indian food. Rather you have based your judgment upon tasting 2 or 3 dishes fromoone particular street of India. Indian food is probably the most most diverse of all when it comes to flvour, color and texture. It should be in top 3.

  24. Portugal is missing of the list ???really

  25. Argentinian food is not really thaaaaaaaaaaaaaat great. Meat is awesome, I’m not gonna deny it (however uruguayan meat is even better), but it lacks of variety. In general argentinians are not used to taste more two or three flavors in their milanesas and empanadas. In this case traditional peruvian, colombian and venezuelan food have more variety and taste.

  26. You don’t know anything! Come to Serbia to see what is jammy delicious nacional food 😉

  27. This can only be a joke ?! Where is Portugal ?! One of the world’s best cuisines …

  28. USA at #4?

    What really is great American food?

    And I agree. Not seeing Portugal and Lebanon on that list is very, very surprising!

  29. you don t have portugal on your list????

  30. Cannot see the reason why Germany is before Spain, China or Poland…

  31. Are you sure you’ve been to Romania ?

  32. Germany? USA? USA?! Are you joking? Even though I like Mexican food there is very little variety.

    Ireland should definitely be on the list. The standard of restaurants here is now second to none. Before anyone says it our food is of vastly superior quality to the UK. Our beef herd is almost entirely grass fed, our non organic farming would be considered organic in many countries and our sea food is as fresh and varied as it gets. Ive eaten food all over Spain and France and I would take west of Ireland Surf and Turf cuisine over it any day.

  33. What are the typical USA dishes?
    I wonder (not joking, it’s for real)

    • Randy Paul says

      The USA has extraordinary regional cuisines: barbecue and cajun cuisine in the south, great seafood on both costs., Tex-Mex, excellent heritage southern cuisine in places like Charledton, SC.

  34. whaaaaaaat? Peru 24rd place? Obviously you’ve never eaten in Peru. Peru must be in the top ten.

  35. Who started this dumb list where is portugal? But don’t worry we don’t need some people there please keep it a secret

  36. Jonatas from Boston says

    Oh Wow!!! This is by far your most contentious list ever, people are going crazy in the comments section :-p

  37. Must be a joke
    Where is Portuguese food? Indonesian food? Venezuela? Colombia? Malta?
    Don´t forget that almost all american dishes are based in onther´s countries food.
    So instead you write “The 30 Best Countries For Food” you should write “my favourite top 30 countries for food”. That´s it’s you big mistake.

  38. Must be a joke
    Where is the Portuguese food? Indonesian food? Venezuela? Colombia? Malta?
    Don´t forget that almost all american dishes are based in other´s countries food.
    So instead you write “The 30 Best Countries For Food” you should write “My favourite top 30 countries for food”. That is your big mistake.

  39. You are not worth if you haven’t visited Sri Lanka once in your lifetime

  40. Cool to see that you liked the food from my country, El Salvador.

    Agreeing on Italy, Germany, Thailand and France. Not so sure about Argentina, though. I found Argetinian food lacking a bit of spice, for my taste.

  41. USA and Germany are better than Turkey? What the hell.

  42. Spain so low on the list ? Crazy. USA so high? Ridiculous. The diversity of Chinese food can totally knock out the Italian food any day of the week!!!


  44. wow Afghanistan has made it in top 30 amazing we do got some
    Very yummy food….

  45. Portugal is not on the list, maybe because he never try or was in portugal….. Portuguese food is very good!!!
    i agree, you should write “My favourite top 30 countries for food”.

  46. Soooo this is kind of my topic since this is what my blog is about! Every week I cook a dish from a different country. I do this alphabetically, until now I have cooked every country that starts with an A and I am halfway through B. Still a long way to go! But here are some of my favorites: Austria, Azerbaijan, Antigua Barbuda and Belgium!

  47. COME ON!
    I love Germany and German people, but they don’t really have any traditional or local food unless Kartofel!
    The best german food is spitzel which is nothing special and please do not say “curry wurst” and hopefully you didn’t consider döner as a german food!
    You’ve mentioned Germany as the 11th and have not mentioned Lebanon at all?!!

  48. i think that according to your criteria , it’s a good list ????. And I am enjoying all the comments, wild!

  49. Where is the Middle East? And don’t tell me Yemen. I know you haven’t gone to Baghdad but I know you’ve been to Beirut. How can you have the impostors of Turkey on the list in lieu of a real kebab country!

    I’m truly disappointed haha. Has anyone ever said, “Tonight, let’s go out for Micronesia food.”


    An angry Iraqi

    • I lived in Italy for 22 years, I can confirm it’s 1st place position. However, you let out the culinary capital of the world, Penang, Malaysia! There you can find a mixture of cultures such as Chinese, Malay, Indian and more! It’s worth the trip if you want to write about food!

  50. Nothing on earth to be compared to lebanese cuisine and sweets…

  51. I’m surprised El Salvador made it to #15, what dishes did you try?

  52. What about Romanian food? You should’ve been to Romania!

  53. Wow, I think this is your most popular post!

    I do wonder wy you ranked USA in 4th, care to explain?

    And I would also include Indonesian or Balinese food, yummy, Italian was my favorite until I tasted Balinese =)

  54. Daniel Wong says

    WTF?? USA in 4th place??? Argentina second??? Oh, you make a mistake I think, I get it, you mean those are the top 30 countries with the most beatifull women. Thanks fine so, barely, but ok.

  55. Hey 🙂 thank you for putting El Salvador on the list. I havent been to most of those countries, so i’ll take your word for it.
    But pardon my ignorance… what is USA’s native food? I’ve only tried cajun… but i guess there are others.

  56. Great, none of the countries I’ll be visiting next month made your list! I’m sure I’ll find something delicious and will have to convince you to make an addendum to your list. 🙂

    By the way, what is the dish in the 4th picture? It looks amazing!

  57. SO PROUD! EL SALVADOR #15! spaghettis are soooo deliciouusssssssssssss

  58. An interesting list for sure! And a lively debate below it! Of course everyone has different tastes…
    Personally I love SE Asian food (Thai, Vietnamese etc.) and coming from New Zealand we have a great range of international cuisine so lots of exposure to different foods. This post made me hungry!

  59. How can you not have indonesian cuisine in your list? But you do have Singapore cuisine, while their food is basically a mixture from Indonesian/Chinese/Indian influence.

    The criteria “The selections were made based on native foods or foods best known from that country” doesn’t really apply on Singaporean food 🙁

  60. everybody thinks their cusines to be the best as they get used to it…..nd people from diffrent countries have diffrent tastes so we cannot probably rank among countries and their foods.
    I being an indian invite all of you to my country especially to kerala and try all those traditional sure u will fall for it.

  61. Always Bon appetite in Uzbekistan, Sir!

  62. As an Italian who lived in the US I’m sorry to say #4 is way biased, especially if I think about Americans’ pathetic imitations of Italian food. Id take the US off the list and add South Korea instead (lovely self-made BBQ!)

  63. Turkey at 13? most be in top 5.

  64. Thanks for putting up this list! It is really difficult to have a list of best food in the world which will take into account all factors and tastes. I just wanted to know more about what you think about Uzbek food, especially plov. Thanks again!


  66. Vince Yalcin says

    This is MY list:
    (This list is based on the dishes i’ve had from different countries, and it’s my opinion. If you have any suggestions let me know. Greets from the Netherlands!)

    1. France
    2. Turkey
    3. China
    4. India
    5. Italy
    6. Japan
    7. Israel
    8. Morocco
    9. Mexico
    10. United States
    11. Thailand
    12. Spain
    13. Afghanistan
    14. Germany
    15. United Kingdom

  67. Georgia is just gaining it’s fame all over the world, many people have not been here yet, but I am sure in few years Georgia will take it’s front rank not only at the food contest level, but as the high appreciated tourist country as well.

  68. Edgar Soudek says

    Lee, to rank Germany above Austria in food is a bit sad…I have been travelling with students to both countries since 1969, and of over 900 boys and girls NOT ONE chose German food over Austrian food, ESPECIALLY so in Vienna!!!!

  69. Xopsi Javle says

    My favorite dishes Turkey certainly.
    Haricot Bean
    Steak tartar a la turca
    Different Fish dishes
    Different Vegatable dishes
    Different Patty Food
    Sekerpare etc
    Ayran (drink)
    Turkish Coffee
    Turkish Tea
    Raki (drink)
    Should I say more? Sorry but your list funny. Turkish foot the best Im sure.

  70. I think the person who wrote this has never tried Iranian food

  71. Thanks for listing nepal on the list.
    These are favourite nepali dishes for me and one should try when you are in nepal.
    1. Mo Mo
    2. Newari set
    3. Dal bhat in thakali kitchen
    4. Dhindo and local kukhurako masu
    5. Bajeko sekuwa
    6. Narayan ghat ko taas
    7. Ju Ju dhau (king of curd)
    8. Chukauni of palpa

  72. Where is Ireland on the list?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  73. Guys this is one man’s opinion, we are all different with different taste , stop taking everything so seriously.
    By the way my number one is Mexican.

  74. If you make a list of countries that offer the best foo, and don’t put Serbia on it, you’re either pretty weird when it comes to your taste, or you’ve never been there. Truly hope it’s the second one mate. The cuisine in Serbia is one of the most varied and most memorable foodie experiences you will ever have, that’s a promise!

  75. Eileen Vicente says

    What ever gives the Portuguese the idea that they have the best food in the world? It’s mostly horrible!

  76. Jenny Kim says

    This is interesting. I’m wondering who the ‘judges’ are that came up with this list. I agree with most of the ranking. One thing I’ve noticed is the low ranking of China. This is true. As much as we see Chinese restaurants popping up every where in the world, Chinese foods are greasy, heavy on salt and MSG, and are very unhealthy – not mentioning most Chinese restaurants do not have any respects for sanitation and cleanliness. So the ‘apparent’ popularity of Chinese foods is only because there are Chinese who open restaurants and there are plenty of Chinese (~1.6 billion of them in the world) to eat there. If this list were to be decided by me, China would have been ranked 196!

  77. Kai Chongloi says

    Nepal at 20!!! ????

  78. For those that are complaining about Lebanon,, there are more Lebanese descendants living in Brasil( more then 7 million ) then in Lebanon ( more the 4 million ) . Lebanon is covered then.

  79. Abderitanus says

    Surprised that Bulgaria, Madagascar, Lebanon, Syria are not in the list.
    More surprised to find there Germany and USA.
    But very, very surprised that Spain is very far from the first place.

  80. Sorry mate but this list is horrible nothing like believable. United states @ 4 place com-on i accept in weapons number one but not food please do some more reasearch


    Thanks. I am proud to be an indian…

  82. Can you qualify as a judge for good food?
    the list is your personal taste and the subject of food is so extensive for one person to judge.
    India has over 10 food zones,and i find it extremely difficult to rate them.
    You are talking of world the world over..

    jawnsin 14.23 …25/05-

  83. Raimon Duran says

    It obviously depend on our personal taste and feeding habits … but I think that Italian and French cuisine are widely over-valued worldwide. Spanish, specially the Basque and Catalonia areas are much higher than the average Spain when talking food.

  84. What an absurd list!

  85. This lists seems to be from someone who eats pasta, burgers, steak and a glass of wine during his travels.

  86. China # 25?! You lost me bud. Hilarious.

  87. In comparison to foods in Iran all western foods are fast foods. The same for some ofher countries like Turkey, India, and some others. North of Germany has 3 foods! I don’t know about south( it is probably the same) compare it with common foods in Iran(not local ones that are hundreds)
    Ghorme sabzi
    Kuku sabzi
    Kuku sib zamini
    Zereshk polo
    Tah chin
    Loobia polo
    Sabzi polo
    Morgh shekam por
    Mahi shekam por
    Mirza ghasemi
    Kashk bademnoon
    Baghali khorosht
    Salad olvieh(different from belgium recipe prevalent in russia)

  88. And the winner is…Italy like always. No country has such a variety and 3000 years of history behind that dishes

  89. No Indonesia? Singapore instead? Definitely kidding. I bet you dont know abt Indonesian dishes here, and the list is a bit reckless IMHO 🙂

  90. Benitacanova says

    Interesting list. Noticed all the whining by the spanish who can never comprehend why no one but themselves is impressed with their food. I lived 2 years there and would like to point out what they consider a great traditional dish: cocido. It’s boiled meat. Soggy vegetables. Even the Irish can do better. Beyond that everything is swimming in grease.

  91. I agree with Italy but what about Lebanese food it should be in the top ten

  92. In terms of variety and the importance of food in the local culture the TOP 10 should solely consist of Asian countries, I am European myself, but I have to admit the we Europeans and probably Americans and Latin Americans too are simpletons when it comes to food. It is just a whole nother Level, like if you compare NBA to the D-League …

    • What a wrong list of countries with the best food. Peru has the best food in Latino America and one of the best in the world. you can not have an opinion about food without tasted, dig more in Peruvian food and see how many world awards has.

  93. Siva Sai Kumar says

    India in 22nd position? How funny! It has one of the best cuisines in the world. I think you should reconsider your rankings!

  94. What ever happened to Malaysia? Why is Singapore at number 14? Just the local delights alone are highly delicious.

  95. Not to be rude, but US? What is that special with US food? I see you selection was based on native food or best food known from that country, so I suppose Burgers from McDonalds do deserve the 4 th place? Seriously? You make me laugh now!

  96. Hey..
    No real Middle Eastern foods…
    Persian, Lebanese, Israeli…

  97. Great, these foods are looking so delicious and yummy. this has made me so hungry and have so many good things to enjoy.

  98. Hands down France is the best for food. I bit cliche but its true!

  99. Lee, please do a list of the 30 worst countries for food !

  100. I am glad India is also in the list.

  101. Indonesia: have been to lots of European countries (about 16) and I was not that impressed. French macdonalds was better than some of the french restaurants. However, I went to Indonesia and because I heard that thai food was the best, I thought to myself “Thai food is better than this?”. Not Bali but Java food. Indonesia is made up of many islands such as Bali and Java. Java food tastes better than Balinese.

    Although, I have read that malaysia food is really good.

    If I had to choose a number 1, it could be japanese just from the packaged japanese food dishes I bought in the supermarket in my own country!

    Anyway, try Javanese food, it is the most delicious food that I have ever tasted at street level. Even fried chicken and fries from street vendors is delicious besides the real, cultural dishes of indonesia.

  102. Welsh lamb burgers in the pubs near the mid wales west coast are delicious.

  103. Where is Lebanon? With it’s amazing and friendly atmosphere,it’s excellent and fine Lebanese cuisine.
    It is rated as one of the best in the world .It also has world renowned restaurants and food festivals that are organised every year,and has one of the best night clubs,and has really good wine and beer such as a brand called”Almaza” ,but still underrated because of it’s small size and it isn’t a really “popular” country.
    It ‘s culture got influence from the Arabs,Turkishs,Greeks,Persians,Égyptiens,Frenchs,Italians and Armenians …
    Shawarma is Turkish and got a great influence by the Lebanese because at that time they were ruled by the Ottoman Empire and today Lebanon has the best Shawarma in the world and beated the Turkish by there own traditional food ! foods like:kibbeh,moughajanet, taboulé , manouché and has additionally over 300 foods.Most people visit and live there only fore delicious food ! Amazing country !!!

  104. I would have to say that Armenia will be in one of the top spots for me! I noticed Georgia is in the list – wondering if they have similar cuisine as Armenia? I absolutely loved the food there! Uzbekistan – yes definitely one of the best kababs I’ve ever had!!! Also wondering what the food is in Ethiopia? That’s a country on my bucket list!

  105. I think that the US shouldn’t even be on this list and greece should be first. If you have tried greek cuisine you obviously know what I mean

  106. I’m a little surprised Korea didn’t make the list… although that’s my favorite cuisine and might not be yours lol. Thank you for this list! All the places you listed that I haven’t been to yet, I will now go there just to try their food! 🙂

  107. Lebanese food is one of the best in the world. Healthy ,colorful, tasty, not heavy on stomach, low percentage of fat, etc…….
    If we are talking middeleastern for sure No match , very similar to Mediterranean country’s food

  108. Trinidad and Tobago has the best tasting food

  109. US food at number 4? Pahahahaha. Asian followed by European (not necessarily in my precise order) are better for variety and taste. Italian is good, but not as amazing as its being made out to be.

    1. Thai
    2. Indian
    3. Japanese
    4. Vietnamese
    5. Chinese
    6. Spanish
    7. Italian
    8. French
    9. Greek
    10. Lebanese
    11. Indonesian
    12. Singaporean
    13. Moroccan
    14. Turkish
    15. Bosnian
    16. Serbian
    17. Mexican
    18. Peruvian
    19. UK
    20. German

    Don’t have enough experience of Portuguese/Korean to comment, but expect there’s a lot of good dishes to the few I’ve tried – they would probably deserve to be in the above list somewhere.

    After this there are countries with good food, but not quite as high standard/level of depth such as Malaysian, Nepalese. The food in the US doesn’t come anywhere near these 2 countries even!!

  110. When you have USA at rank 4. And no libanish food : ) ; I think you can directly put the list in the rubish (french person living in the US).

  111. USA ahead of Japan, Spain, China, Thailand and India. That alone makes this list null and void. Sorry but when most of the country is regularly eating cheap fastfood hamburgers, terrible pizza and the like then this is not a country that deserves to be anywhere near the top of this list.

  112. another angry food jihadi says

    How dare you make the list if you never been to Nauru, Djibouti and Turkmenistan!!
    These should be Top3 best food in the world!!! Turkmenistan food is the best in the world
    way better than all those china, India or even Italy!

  113. This is mouth watering food 🙂

  114. WHAT A PITTY! its a shame that u havent added food from PAKISTAN it shows how lil knowledge about food you have Pakistan’s food is far better than Indian food.

  115. Curious to know how Pakistan didn’t make the list for best countries for food. Most of my Indian friends also accept that Pakistani food is much scrumptious.

  116. Germany? Germany?? Germany???

    I’ve lived 10 years in Germany and the only people who love the local food are narrow minded nationalistic types.

    There’s a German saying: “hunger is the best cook”.
    That reflects the national sentiment.

  117. I’ve been in Vietnam and the food is out of this world, seriously!

  118. try indonesian food

  119. I love Chinese dishs, especially SIchuan spicy flavor!

  120. They probably never tried Pakistani food smh

  121. I love South Indian food. its mouth watering food. i like it….

  122. I love Thai foods. It’s delicious i like it so much. 🙂

  123. wonderful article i really like it keep posting worthy stuff here

  124. I have traveled to 12 countries 4 solos. As an American, I have found the best food you won’t believe ‘Pakistan’ Pakistani food just love been there last year in November. I always miss Biryani from there <3 Well in listed I would love to say France food is good in taste.

  125. I prefer Italian food first and love so much. Some one of them – Margherita Pizza, Pasta Carbonara, Panzenella, Caprese Salad with Pesto Sauce, etc.

  126. Thanks for sharing great list.

  127. What country is Micronesia exactly… just Say Guam USA!
    I know #12 is Chamorro Food!

  128. I love all Thai foods. It’s delicious i like it so much. ?

  129. Italian and Mexican will always be the best. Thanks

  130. I seen the full list before today i dont know about this thing. very interested and helpful, thanks

  131. Thank you for ranking Argentina as number 2 on the list, I’m Argentine and I couldn’t agree with you more!!! I’ve been living and still live in the United States for the last 17 years, and I can’t believe how much I miss the Argentine Steak (Bife de Chorizo), the Argentine Asados, and the incredible pizzas from Buenos Aires city, as a “Porteño” (Born in Buenos Aires City) I am originally. I kind of disagree with U.S.A. in 4th place, I love the U.S.A., but not precisely for their food. Very good job though, congrats !!!

  132. That’s amazing Man. I am Foodie Lover. and You have Win my Heart

  133. that really amazing. a few months ago I visit Australia to attend the longboard event for photography and photoshoot i love the food of this couuntry

  134. The 30 Best Countries For Food

    1. Italy
    2. France
    3. Spain
    4. Japan
    5. Mexico
    6. Peru
    7. Thailand
    8. India
    9. Greece
    10. Morocco
    11. United States
    12. Brazil
    13. Turkey
    14. South Korea
    15. Philippines
    16. Vietnam
    17. Malaysia
    18. Indonesia
    19. United Kingdom
    20. Colombia
    21. Australia
    22. Argentina
    23. China
    24. Portugal
    25. Israel
    26. Egypt
    27. Germany
    28. Belgium
    29. Ireland
    30. Austria

  135. 30 best countries for food

    1. Italy
    2. France
    3. Spain
    4. Greece
    5. Mexico
    6. India
    7. Thailand
    8. Japan
    9. China
    10. Morocco
    11. Peru
    12. Vietnam
    13. South Korea
    14. Lebanon
    15. Brazil
    16. Indonesia
    17. Turkey
    18. Argentina
    19. Colombia
    20. Portugal
    21. Malaysia
    22. United States
    23. Australia
    24. United Kingdom
    25. Austria
    26. Germany
    27. Finland
    28. Netherlands
    29. Sweden
    30. Philippines

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