Fox News Segment From South Africa

Fox News, Fox and Friends First, Lee Abbamonte, Medikwe Safari Lodge, South Africa
Here is my live Fox News segment from South Africa yesterday morning. Don’t mind my squinting as the sun was directly in my eyes!

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  1. Great job, Lee!

  2. Brilliant! It’s so wonderful that you are doing these segments from around the world, Lee.

  3. So cool! Great job, Lee! I love watching you on TV!

  4. They should have you be their full time travel person. It’d be the best thing on the network!

  5. Good job!

  6. Very nice info. We also liked Johannesburg but not nearly as much as Capetown. Visiting both sides of Vic Falls is very high on my list. Did you go rafting over there?

    • Thanks Michael! I have gone rafting there but not this trip. My first time at Vic Falls, I did a full day Zambezi rafting trip…was best I’ve ever done to this day. I love Cape Town too but it’s too easy to just say Cape Town!

  7. Awesome, Lee!

  8. You have the best job!

  9. Stephanie says

    Your hair looks fine, it just looks like there’s sun in your eyes as you said!

    • Haha thanks again Stephanie…it was bright out there…I had my sunglasses on until literally a second before I went live they told me to take them off!

  10. Terrific article.

  11. You have my dream job, Lee! Good for you! Awesomeness. When I was in Livingstone last July, I had a tough time deciding which “activities” to partake in. I chose the bungee (at the border) and the Vic Falls flight (and of course went to Vic Falls). I’m kinda kicking myself for not doing the rafting, as you said it’s been your favorite to date, but I heard it was pretty harrowing! Then again, I like fear-inducing activities :). Hey, any chance you’re going to TBEX in Toronto? Would love to meet the infamous Lee Abbamonte!

    • Hi Lindsay and thanks for writing. The rafting was easily and still the best I’ve ever done and I’ve heard it is the worlds best. I’ve done the bungee twice too and I love it…as long as it doesn’t break!

      I will not be at TBEX because I will be at ILTM in Shanghai instead but do keep in touch, I will be in NYC rest of May and I do enjoy being infamous!

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