Qatar Airways Business Class

Qatar Airways is one of the best airlines in the world. In fact, earlier this year I named it one of the 30 best airlines in the world at #6. You may or may not know much about Qatar or Qatar Airways but you should and you will in the coming years.
Qatar Airways, race car
The tiny Middle Eastern nation of Qatar won the right to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup; which will formally announce its arrival on a global stage to much of the world. To those in the know, Qatar has been around for a while with world-class facilities and a truly world-class airline.
Lee Abbamonte, Qatar Airways, Qatar Airways business class
I recently flew Qatar Airways business class from Casablanca, Morocco to New York via Doha-the capital of Qatar. The service was outstanding, the food was tremendous, there were hundreds of entertainment options, and the flat beds were excellent. It had everything you’d expect from a leading global airline.
Qatar Airways business class
I particularly liked the personal attention the flight attendants showed me on the flight including knowing my name and asking me about my trip to Marrakech, Morocco and about myself. I felt like I knew some of the flight attendants after the flight.
Qatar Airways business class, passport, Lee Abbamonte
Qatar Airways also partners with master chefs from around the world for their in-flight food including Chef Nobu Matsuhisa of the restaurant Nobu fame-one of my favorites. (I actually attended the opening of the Nobu Hotel in Las Vegas and got to meet Chef Nobu and his business partner Robert De Niro-which was a huge thrill for me!)
Qatar Airways business class, in dark
Another thing that makes Qatar such a great airline to fly is the new Doha International Airport. It is simply spectacular and I do not use that term lightly. The airport is massive but very attractive so you don’t get bored like in some large, bland airports-Frankfurt for instance. Plus, the Qatar Airways business lounge is probably the nicest airline lounge I have seen anywhere in the world and I’ve seen a lot of lounges.
Qatar Airways business class lounge, Doha Airport
It’s not just the great food, large spaces and top-notch facilities; it’s just spectacular to walk around and look at visually. It is a work of art and a great place to have a layover.
Qatar Airways business class lounge, view
The only downfall to flying Qatar Airways business class or coach as I see it is that nearly all flights connect in Doha. For instance, I flew backwards from Casablanca to Doha then turned around to New York so it definitely added time to my flight but the excellent airline service and Doha Airport experience makes it worth it.
Qatar Airways business class, Lee Abbamonte
So that’s the story of my very pleasant experience on Qatar Airways business class and at the Doha Airport. I look forward to doing it again soon and would never hesitate to fly Qatar Airways-especially when you can play foosball in the lounge!
Qatar Airways business class, foosball table
Disclaimer: I was hosted by Qatar Airways on this flight. All opinions expressed are my own and have not been influenced in any way as always nor did I receive financial compensation to write this post.

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  1. I’ve flown Qatar several times and I have to agree they are fantastic. All the Middle Eastern airlines are great-the new ones at least.

  2. That passport means business!

    DOH-JFK is a ultra long-haul, but that flight looks like a nice way to get it done.

  3. I do like Qatar very much. Their business class is excellent. The lounge is above excellent and I fly them whenever I travel to the region; maybe 2-3 times a year for business.

  4. I flew Qatar business from JNB-DOH then DOH-JFK. In the words of Lee Abbamonte, the service was “meh”. Food was good but the seat config compared to Cathay and Emirates was basic. The new lounge wasn’t open at the time and looks awesome. I hear they serve Grand Cuvee in the lounge!

  5. Meh is right! Looks like a torture seat you would find on Delta or Virgin Australia. Emirates is the only way to fly to the middle east.

  6. You do know that Qatar is a state that basically allows slavery and actively uses it t to build up the country? Qatar Airways is no exception to this, you should read some articles about how they treat their employees.

  7. Fahad Amir says

    Every travel need comfort during his journey. So, I think Qatar airways known best for each single person who want to enjoy his journey with all new amenities and services. However, business class express some new horizon for the travelers. Qatar Airways comfort attract every customer toward our. Qatar Airways offered business class miles cards which is very cheap and affordable for frequent travelers.

  8. agree with Alex! Abbmonte express that they are going to hold the WC 2022 but have you ever heard about how they are treating the Asian (their own continent) citizens. ohh do not only serve the westerns and those who has money as a human being think also those who are also serving you!

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