More South Pole and Antarctica Trips Added This Winter

As many of you know I went to Antarctica last winter and will be going back this December for a second expedition with the South Pole firmly in my sights! This winter is really exciting because there are two planes flying from Novolazarevskaya Russian Antarctic Base to the South Pole.
Lee Abbamonte, Novolazarevskaya Base
I have a business relationship with White Desert, the luxury expedition operator who arranges the trips to the South Pole. There are 6 places left on a trip (25 Nov – 5 Dec) which is an ‘Emperor Penguins & South Pole’ itinerary. This means you get to go see these amazing penguins and go to the South Pole. Additionally, you will do awesome activities like ice caving, hiking and climbing. The cost for this trip is 59,000 Euros a person.
Lee Abbamonte, ice climbing, Antarctica
We also have a number of spaces available for the shorter 2 day trip on the 9-12 January 2015 – which might be a bit better suited for those pushed for time and money. These trips cost 25,000 Euros a person.
emperor penguins, antarctica
Each trip starts and ends in Cape Town, South Africa and is one of the most unique expeditions you can do in this world. I cannot wait to go back and achieve my goal of reaching the South Pole. This year I know Prince Harry won’t foil me!
Prince Harry, Antarctica
Yes, I am well aware of how expensive the trip is but that is the cost and there aren’t many other alternatives to be honest. If you are seriously interested in coming to Antarctica or the South Pole on these dates or know someone that is, please have them email me: Lee at

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  1. The picture look amazing and everything is so white I can’t believe it. But there is way too much cold in one place for me. So, I will just keep on admiring all of you guys that follow your passion on the ice.

  2. Pretty cheap ha, do you recommend any cruises from South America?

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