2 Days in Langkawi, Malaysia

I was so excited to visit Langkawi, Malaysia again! I was there several years ago for a short stay and always wanted to return. Langkawi is a gorgeous island of Malaysia in the Strait of Malacca in the Andaman Sea. It is near Thailand but very different from nearby Phuket. Here’s what I did on my quick 2 days in Langkawi, Malaysia.

2 2 Days in Langkawi, Malaysia, St. Regis Langkawi

Langkawi is a long way from the United States any way you slice it. I flew to Singapore on Singapore Airlines then a quick 90-minute flight up to Langkawi on Air Asia. I stayed at the new St. Regis resort.


I love the St. Regis. I mean who doesn’t? The St. Regis Langkawi is new so it’s in great shape, the suites are big, the pool is gorgeous and the food is excellent. The beds were very comfortable although they had hard pillows; which I hate.

2 Days in Langkawi, Malaysia, sunset

However, what separates the St. Regis from a place like the Westin next door is the service. Employees know your name and remember things about you. It’s really nice when they do that because it makes you feel like you belong. I’ve always been a proponent of hotels doing their research on guests.

2 Days in Langkawi, Malaysia, sunset bar, St. Regis

I spent a decent amount of time relaxing at the hotel. They have a great sunset bar for the classic sunsets over the bay. They have an excellent restaurant as well for local fare or more exotic dishes too.

2 Days in Langkawi, Malaysia, sunset, St. Regis Langkawi

Off campus, I decided to head up the Langkawi Cable Car to the Sky Bridge. It’s the top tourist attraction on Langkawi. When you arrive, there will likely be a long line. Simply go to the express ticket window and buy an express ticket. The cost is approximately $25 versus $7 for the normal ticket. Trust me it’s worth it.

2 Days in Langkawi, Malaysia, sky bridge view

They say the cable car is the worlds steepest. I can confidently say it was pretty darn steep and very bouncy. When you arrive you take another to the entrance to the Sky Bridge. There are some great photos to be taken from the cable car of the bridge so be prepared on the right side of the car.

2 Days in Langkawi, Malaysia, sky bridge, cable car

The Sky Bridge itself is pretty cool. It has great panoramic views of most of the island and the sea. It’s about 2200 feet high and 125 meters long. It can get pretty windy up there so be careful of hats! This is the best thing to do if you only have 2 days in Langkawi.

2 Days in Langkawi, Malaysia, sky bridge, Langkawi

I had hired my driver from the hotel for $15 an hour so I decided to drive around the island a little bit and check out Cenang. This is a bustling town with a ton of restaurants, shops and budget accommodation. It also has a great beach. It’s also a place to get a great massage for a fraction of the price you’d pay at a resort like the St. Regis and just as good.


I had lunch in town as well and I forgot to get the name of the place but there’s so many to choose from you can’t go wrong. Langkawi is a great place to relax and has a few attractions as well. So choose wisely for your 2 days in Langkawi!

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  1. Langkawi and this hotel are now on my bucket list. Thanks for sharing as always

  2. There’s a lot of Russians in langkawi I recall

  3. Langkawi is a dream of a place. I didn’t stay at St. Regis but the Four Seasons wasn’t a bad alternative. We loved it and hope to return soon.

  4. Been to Malaysia and Thailand a few times now.. this will definitely be on our list of must sees/stays next time. Thanks for the tips!

  5. Malaysia looks to be a far more interesting destination than one would expect. I always enjoy your photos… Thanks for sharing your experience.

  6. Thanks for sharing this post and glad to read it because i am planning a trip to Malaysia.

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