Hong Kong

To summarize Hong Kong in one word, it would have be “neat”. Hong Kong is a neat city/country/SAR (Special Administrative Republic of China) and it is also very exciting with a lot to do. Hong Kong has the best skyline in the world and I live in New York CIty. To see Hong Kong Island across the Star Harbor from Kowloon is really a sight to be seen. It is the best skyline of any city on Earth.

Hong Kong is broken up over a large and vast area but the two main parts where most tourists would be are Hong Kong Island and Kowloon. Hong Kong Island is where most of the tall buildings are and all of the businesses of one of Asias busiest business hubs. It also is the gateway to Victorias Peak which is where the picture above was taken. Additionally, Hong Kong Island boasts the most expensive real estate on Earth.

Kowloon is where most of the real people live and where I believe the most culture is to be had in Hong Kong. It is where a lot of the markets and the restaurants are and where almost all the tourist hotels are, at least the reasonable ones. Hong Kong is very glitzy and has many high end hotels.

On the outskirts on Hong Kong you can go to the beach and see the buddhas and venture from island to island. I was in Hong Kong a few years ago before the British handover to the Chinese. I imagine it has changed a little since that time but Hong Kong has its own identity, not really British and not really Asian either but a distinctive mix of cultures. You really notice it when you are there.

Near Hong Kong, you can take a 1 hour boat to the Asian “Vegas equivalent” of Macau. It is a former Portuguese colony and was just recently handed over the the Chinese as well. It is distinctly influenced by Portugal and has many buildings and assorted other sites that will make you think you could be in Lisbon. Of course there is the Casino Lisboa as well, the most famous casino in Macau.

Hong Kong is a fun and exciting place with a lot to explore. The exotic markets are among the best in the world especially for birds. The food is an adventure but one worth taking. Hong Kong is as close to Europe as you will get in Asia and the best part is…aside from Jackie Chan…is they speak English!

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  1. Hone Kong reaks, it smells like fish everywhere

  2. Lee, great post!!

    Heading there in a week and a half and will definitely check out some hostels in Kowloon and check ou the Skyline!

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