One Day in Guangzhou

After my one day in Zhanjiajie, I had one day in Guangzhou; which was a great introduction to a truly stunning city. I was very impressed with Guangzhou, a city I knew very little about other than it was a big airport hub. I didn’t realize how modern, clean or nice it was. It’s a special city that I would love to return to someday. Here’s how I spent one day in Guangzhou.

One Day in Guangzhou

Close-up view of the skyline of Guangzhou, China

Where to Stay in Guangzhou

I stayed at the Ritz-Carlton Guangzhou. It’s right in the middle of everything and was very nice as you’d expect from a Ritz and the best part was it was only $108! That was the deciding factor for me as I was choosing between the Ritz and the nearby Four Seasons Hotel. The Ritz also had a pretty nice gym, great beds and I had a perfect view of Canton Tower from my room.

Where to stay in Guangzhou

The lobby of the Ritz-Carlton Guangzhou

The Four Seasons is also very nice obviously. It actually begins at the 70th floor of the IFC building. I went up to check it out and have a drink in their lobby lounge with great views of Guangzhou. There’s also a Rosewood, Conrad and Hyatt, all of which are nice and all well located.

What to See and Do in Guangzhou

The best site to see and visit is clearly Canton Tower. Canton Tower is currently the second tallest tower in the world and fourth tallest free-standing structure on Earth. It was built as the centerpiece for the 2010 Asian Games and is really beautiful-especially lit up at night.

Canton Tower, Guangzhou, China

Canton Tower in Guangzhou, China is the second tallest tower in the world

You can go up to the observation deck and check out a killer view of Guangzhou. There are also a bunch of activities you can do up there like rides, exhibits, etc. I didn’t do any of them because I usually think that stuff is cheesy but it’s there if that’s your thing.

Canton Tower, view, Guangzhou, China

The view of Guangzhou, China from atop Canton Tower

The skyline of Guangzhou is awesome, day and night, but at night it’s really a sight to behold. The massive modern buildings look like they’re dancing with the tremendous light shows and well-orchestrated lighting. Check it out for different angles and walk amongst the thousands in the streets to get the best shots.

Skyline of Guangzhou, China

Skyline of Guangzhou, China

I also recommend walking along the Pearl River. The island has tremendous walkways along the water with amazing views of the Guangzhou skyline on one side and Canton Tower on the other. It’s a great way to get some exercise and see a tranquil part of a big city like Guangzhou.

Pearl River, Guangzhou, China

Walking along the beautiful Pearl River in Guangzhou, China

There are of course a lot of malls and shopping centers in Guangzhou as it is Asia. Most are new and modern with top stores and endless food choices. I personally recommend eating at Mercato. It’s on the 8th floor of one of the mall buildings. Mercato has great views of the busy streets below and skyline. It’s also a Jean Georges restaurant with excellent food and service.

Mercato, restaurant, Jean Georges, Guangzhou, China

Excellent food at Mercato in Guangzhou, China

So that’s basically how I spent my one day in Guangzhou, China and I loved every second of it. I would have gladly spent more time there as it’s an easy city to feel comfortable in-quickly. I have no doubt I’ll be back sometime to see what’s new and what’s changed in this massive Chinese city.

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  1. Thanks for posting about Guangzhou. It’s always been a place I’ve been curious about because it’s always an option for connecting within Asia but I never really considered going there itself.

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