One Day in Hangzhou

Right after one day in Xiamen, I spent one day in Hangzhou and thought it was the perfect amount of time. Hangzhou is a city that is rapidly developing and there is a lot of construction. At the time of writing, they were building a brand new airport and honestly it seemed like 10,000 new buildings. The city is massive like most Chinese cities and there isn’t a ton to do on paper. However, they’re developing a new centerpiece area on both sides of the river but right now it’s all under construction. I imagine Hangzhou will look completely different in 5 years. So here’s how I spent my one day in Hangzhou.

one day in Hangzhou, West Lake

Looking out over West Lake in Hangzhou, China

Where to Stay in Hangzhou

I stayed at the JW Marriott; which I think is the best hotel in town. It was nice, not spectacular or anything but certainly comfortable and had a great lobby whiskey bar. It also had a nice executive lounge on the 26th floor with views of West Lake. It’s right near a fancy mall and a bunch of restaurants. Plus it’s only a 25-minute walk to West Lake. I didn’t see a ton of other hotels but there is a Courtyard by Marriott next door and a Hyatt down the street that I didn’t check out. So I’d go with the JW; it was only $150 or so.

One day in Hangzhou, Hangzhou, The lobby bar at the JW Marriott Hangzhou

The lobby bar at the JW Marriott Hangzhou

What to See and Do in Hangzhou

As I mentioned there isn’t a ton to see and do in Hangzhou but by far, going to West Lake is the top attraction. It’s a great urban park surrounding the beautiful lake right in the middle of the city. It’s a pretty big lake and has lot of areas to check out. Some are more crowded with people than others but because it’s so big it doesn’t feel that crowded.

one day in Hangzhou, china

Beautiful scenery along West Lake in Hangzhou, China

There are pagodas and stupas to visit if you want to visit. Or  just stroll the many paths and bridges to discover some remote areas where nobody else is and you can’t hear the cars in the crazy city. You can also hop on a boat if you want to putter around the lake. I chose to simply walk as I usually do. We ended up walking something like 10 miles around the lake. It’s a great way to spend a day and people watch. Trust me there are some characters in Hangzhou and China in general!

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