4 Places to Visit on a Road Trip in Western Australia

Road trips are the epitome of intrepid travel and a great way to see a lot of a large area. There are a lot of classic road trips in the world but a road trip in Western Australia is definitely a great way to see a good chunk of the biggest state in Australia. I recently took a road trip in Western Australia and it certainly ranks up as one of my all time favorites-and I’ve done quite a few!
Margaret River, Western Australia, Australia
My road trip in Western Australia started and ended in the capital and biggest city in Western Australia, Perth. Perth has a lot of things to do but it is definitely worth it to see the rest of the state. Here are 4 places to visit on a road trip in Western Australia. My first stop from Perth was to visit a remote outpost town called Hyden.


Hyden is literally a desert outpost town on the side of the road about 3-4 hours from Perth. The majority of visitors go to Hyden for one reason and one reason only: to see Wave Rock. I was no exception.
Lee Abbamonte, Wave Rock, Hyden, Western Australia, Australia
I must admit I didn’t have many expectations, as it has been my experience that often these types of things can be overrated and underwhelming. However, I was very pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed my 2 days in Hyden and Wave Rock.
Wave Rock Motel, pool, Hyden, Western Australia, Australia
I stayed at the Wave Rock Motel; which is basically the center of life in Hyden with the best restaurant, bar and even a pool. The pool is very welcome because trust me-it’s hot! It’s a few miles to Wave Rock.
Wave Rock, Hyden, Western Australia, Australia
As you can see, Wave Rock is a big rock that is formed like a wave. It is actually 15 meters high by 110 meters long-that’s pretty big. It is even cooler to see in person, especially if you’re fortunate to have it all to yourself.


Esperance is the jewel in the Western Australia crown. The beachside town is surrounded by six of Western Australia’s national parks including the stunning Cape Le Grand National Park.
Esperance, Great Ocean Drive, Western Australia, Australia
The views as you drive through the park are breathtaking and there are several great spots to take pictures and hike around to get that perfect shot. Give yourself a few hours at least in the park, as you’ll be stopping and getting out of the car a lot. Also bring a bathing suit because the beaches and water are spectacular.
Esperance, Great Ocean Drive, Western Australia, Australia
The town of Esperance itself is not a bad place to be for a few nights. I stayed at the Captain Huon Motel; which was a good base to check everything out. However, for me the highlight was the Great Ocean Drive…not to be confused with the Great Ocean Road outside of Melbourne, Victoria.
Esperance, Great Ocean Drive, Western Australia, Australia
The 30-mile or so round trip takes you past unreal viewpoints of untrodden beaches and landscapes. You will want to stop the car constantly to get out and hike down to the beaches or up to viewpoints.
Esperance, Great Ocean Drive, Western Australia, Australia
Again, make sure you have a bathing suit with you because you wouldn’t be human if you didn’t jump in at least one of the amazing beaches dotting the coast around Esperance. Esperance is fantastic and is the one singular must visit for a road trip in Western Australia in my view. Trust me, you’ll thank me later!


Albany is a cute little town that is a good stopover for a night. In town, you must check out the legend of Dog Rock. It is a little cheesy for sure, but it’s also kind of cool and worth a photo.
dog rock, Albany, Western Australia, Australia
There is a boat called the Amity in town that most tourists visit but it’s just a big ship; the main draw in Albany is Torndirrup National Park.
The Gap, Natural Bridge, Torndirrup National Park, Albany, Western Australia, Australia
Diving through the park is pretty cool and there are some awesome viewpoints of cool landscapes but the coolest things are the Gap and the natural bridge. They are definitely worth checking out.

Margaret River

Margaret River is a big region in Western Australia. There is also a small town called Margaret River but aside from a good place to book excursions, there’s not much to keep you there long. But 100% visit the region.
Yallingup, beach, Margaret River, Western Australia, Australia
Yallingup was probably my favorite area in Margaret River because of the great beaches. The windy white sand beaches are incredible to look at and well worth a few days in and of themselves.
Yallingup, beach, Margaret River, Western Australia, Australia
Margaret River is also famous for its wine region. I spent some time visiting the highly recommended Vasse Felix winery. Great tasting wines and killer views equal a good time.
Vasse Felix, Margaret River, Western Australia, grapes
As you drive up north back to Perth, it’s also worth a stop off in Bussleton to check out the beach and get a sky view from the lookout tower. They also have the longest wooden jetty in the Southern Hemisphere called Bussleton Jetty-if that’s your thing!
Bussleton Jetty, Bussleton, Western Australia
All in all you cannot beat a road trip in Western Australia. Just remember it’s a big place, distances are vast and you need to keep an eye on your gas gauge because if you run out in the middle of nowhere, you’re in trouble! It almost happened to me like 5 times! Have fun though, WA rocks!

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  1. I could live in Margaret River, I love that area some much. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Esperance is amazing. It is really picturesque and a gorgeous drive as you said, thanks for bringing back some memories Lee.

  3. I visited Western Australia back in 2001 and it was like the wild west and nobody had ever been there. Now I hear how expensive it is and they are selling out to the Chinese. Did you feel that way?

    • Hector, it is really expensive, that is very accurate especially in Perth. They have sold a lot of land to the Chinese although they hide it pretty well so I don’t know all the details.

  4. I think those little pugs in the beach is the cutest picture you’ve ever posted!

  5. I remember when you were on this trip, I was drooling over your photos and still am. Great post and I hope to get out to WA some day.

  6. Awesome post. I shared it on my facebook because my friends are doing a trip just like this around Thanksgiving. I am sure this will help them!

  7. James Nyman says

    Great article! I like reading your posts, and finally one I can really relate to. I live in Perth and have been to all of those places – you summed it up perfectly I think! Especially Esperance, if you can put up with the long hours of driving it’s well worth it!

  8. I was in South Western Australia last year and travelled to the Margaret RIver Region. I really loved it and could think of settling there. I was travelling alone and could not make it down to Esperance, hopefully I will explore it sometime in the future!

  9. WA is having so many places to visit once in a lifetime. And the places, which you have mentioned are some of the well known tourist places. Hyden is very famous place for its Wave Rock while Margaret River for its wine region. So all the places have their own specialty and are famous world around for it. Amongst all mentioned locations, Esperance has its own way to explain its nature beauty and according to me its the best place to visit. Thanks Lee for sharing such a nice experience.

  10. louisa klimentos says

    Some tourists are let down by the Great Ocean road Victoria because it veers through the inland rural areas and believe that other countries have better drives.I heard that The Great Ocean Drive in Western Australia is more spectacular.Maybe tourists should visit this region.What do you think?

  11. I’m currently planning my road trip from Melbourne to the middle of the Pilbara in Wa. This article and page was exactly what I was looking for. If you do another rural trip you must check out KARIJINI national park. I live and work there and by far the most beautiful place I’ve seen in my life.

  12. Great post & pretty much covers the stuff I’m looking forward to seeing there. I’ve been looking at some opportunities on WorkAway where I can check people into hostels in Albany/Esperance and stay there for freedom would like to do a few weeks in this region at some point this/next year. Love the pug beach pic! Nervous about driving on the other side of the road but I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it. As an Irish Uber driver once told me, as long as you go left, you’ll always be right lol

    • Haha ya that’s good advice! If I was to choose I would stay in Esperance. It’s stunning and has more tourists than Albany and a bit more to do. Also don’t discount Perth and it’s suburbs, it’s a great city!

  13. Nice article. Western Australia was somewhere I wasn’t planning on visiting, but might do after this article.

  14. Great list of information for travelers. Thank you so much for sharing it

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