The Long Short Journey to Grenada

I had heard previously about airlines in the Caribbean making many and inexplicable stops in their flight itineraries. Meaning, they would say for instance, they were flying from Curacao to Grenada but failing to mention there would be three stopovers in between. I never really thought much about it, figuring people just didn’t plan properly or something like that. However that exact thing happened to me the other day on that exact journey from Curacao to Grenada.

I thought it was strange and perhaps just a misprint on my Liat Airlines itinerary that the journey would take 6 hours for only 300 miles of distqnce, as it was scheduled to stop only once in Barbados as far as I knew. As annoying as a stopover is; it’s not that big a deal. As I was waiting to board I couldn’t understand why they were yelling at me to board the flight but the screen said it was going to Trinidad. I kept telling them that but they insisted it was the correct flight and finally someone made me realize that it was just a stop and not a stopover. This did not please me but what can you do? Ironically, on the second flight from Trinidad to Barbados, Baseball Hall of Famer Eddie Murray was on my plane so that was pretty cool and did well to distract my irritation.

After finally boarding in Barbados, I learned that this flight destined for Grenada was going to first be stopping in Tobago which is in the complete opposite direction. It had been a long day and all I wanted to do was get to Grenada, relax, and catch the Giants/Cowboys game over some nice island food. This was obviously delayed and finally after 5 airports, 4 flights and 3 stops, I arrived in Grenada and was whisked away to the lovely and bird friendly-Flamboyant Hotel. I know what it sounds like but trust me its not, it was totally normal and right on the beautiful Grand Anse Beach on hotel row. However, after so so food and a few games of pool I did watch the Giants get worked by Dallas and head to sleep to catch a really early flight to St. Vincent.

My time was very short this time but I look forward to more time in Granada very soon. They have an interesting history and gorgeous beaches so I know it will be worth more time than I was able to give it this time.

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  1. Grenada is pretty cool, my friend went to med school down and visited a few times…nit much in terms of nightlife but relaxed beaches and lazy days are always a welcome change from NYC.

  2. sounds like the hustler got hustled

  3. Sounds like you were duped not hustled

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