The Resignation of Fidel Castro

I have been flooded with questions since yesterday’s announcement of Fidel Castro’s resignation after nearly 50 years of rule in Cuba. I am not surprised that he resigned as his health deterioration has been rumored for many years. I do not know how it will shake out with his brother Raul taking over and promising “a better form of socialism”. I guess the world will find out shortly what that means. I also do not know if this will eventually lead to the US lifting the oppressive embargo on Cuba that seemingly has stood for way too long. Meaning, I do not know if this will open the door to “legal” tourism to Cuba for American citizens.

I certainly hope that it does open the door for Americans who have been held out of Cuba for decades unless they have been willing to risk possible fines from big brother, aka the US Government. In my view, people should have a right to visit any country they want and make their own decision. It is not fair that in a “free” society, the government can tell you where you can go and how you can spend your money. That is the basis for America, is it not?

I understand there are a lot of strong opinions on both sides of this issue and I am not directly involved and have no Cuban heritage as many Americans do. I have never had my family affected by anything in the Castro regime or from the Cuban Revolution but it has always been my view that people should be allowed to make their own decisions-hence why we don’t live in a communist country. However, on this issue, the government has made people’s minds up for them which I see as unfair.

Americans were allowed to travel to the USSR before the collapse of Communism and we travel freely to the last Communist bastions of China, Laos, Vietnam and it’s even very possible and fairly easy to go to North Korea these days with proper documentation. However, Cuba has always been a different story. I understand the proximity to the United States but it’s the same idea. And for more than 50,000 Americans per year-it’s a place to see even with the risk of fines or worse from the US government.

I have never been to Cuba. Of course I would like to go, as I am sure most people would. If you like beautiful beaches and an established culture, mixed with an aura of mystery. I know many, many people who have been and who rave about it. I hope that we all can experience this island, which is only 90 miles from Florida in the very near future. It’s the 21st century and I hope our governments can step into it with regards to this issue.

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  1. I hope so too–I would love to visit Cuba

  2. I have been to Cuba and its a nice place.

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