Andorra is that little country high in the Pyrennes Mountains between Spain and France that nobody has ever heard of or even knows is there-especially Americans. It is a three hour bus ride from Barcelona and it is one of the more scenic rides you can see in this region. The mountains are beautiful, smaller than the Alps but different in their make up. Andorra la Vela, the capital of Andorra, is a shoppers dream. The city basically exists for duty free shopping. They sell everything under sun, from electronics to designer clothes. I am not much of a shopper but it seemed to me that nothing was actually cheaper than normal. My friend Mike (pictured below on the left) and I spent about 4 hours there before returning to Barcelona where we could say that we had been to Andorra.

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  1. Andrew McNally says

    You should go skiing there lee, it’s really good for skiing.

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