Bergen, Norway is Simply a Nice Place

Bergen, Norway is the gateway to the fjords and probably the most beautiful city in Norway. It rains some 250 days a year and is very expensive. The people are nice, the food is good and there’s a lot to see and do. There’s nothing stressful or outlandish about Bergen itself at all. So after 3 visits, I was thinking, why do I like Bergen so much? The answer is Bergen, Norway is simply a nice place-nothing else needs to be said.
Bergen, Norway, Bryggen
I first came to Bergen 10 years ago during a big Norway and Scandinavia trip and it rained the whole time but I remember thinking I liked it even though it rained constantly. Then I was back in Bergen in 2012 and the weather was pretty nice and I remember thinking I liked Bergen and the whole Norway in a Nutshell tour again. Now, after just visiting Bergen for the 3rd time and it raining or at least being cloudy the majority of the day I can plainly say I like it again. Bergen, Norway is simply a nice place-it’s not more complicated than that.
troll, Lee Abbamonte, Bergen, Norway, Mount Floyen
I came into Bergen on board the Azamara Quest after departing Scotland after 4 unique days in Edinburgh. I wasn’t too keen on doing too much in Bergen in the rain as I had pretty much seen and done it all in the past but I signed up to hike to the top of Mount Floyen; which I had done once before but didn’t take photos (I didn’t start traveling with a camera consistently until 2008). Plus I needed the exercise after all the eating and drinking I did between Lisbon, Portugal and the Old Course at St. Andrews for the Open Championship.
Bergen, Norway
In order to climb, Mount Floyen, you first have to take the funicular up to the staging area that gives great views of Bergen below. Being as though it was really cloudy, I wanted to put up a photo I took years ago versus one on this trip to show the difference the weather can make (and a little fun editing).
Bergen, Norway
From the staging area, which features a restaurant, souvenir shops and a very large troll statue, it’s about 2.5 miles up to the peak and about 800 feet in elevation change. It’s not a difficult hike at all but it’s pretty scenic and well worth it even though it’s not quite Kjeragbolten or Preikestolen.
Bergen, Norway, Mount Floyen, pond
There are several little ponds along the way and then the views from the top are fabulous of Bergen and the surrounding islands and hills below. It rained much of the hike but the clouds did start to lift as we approached the summit. That made for cool photos with ominous cloud formations.
Bergen, Norway, Mount Floyen, Lee Abbamonte
Back in town, I met up with some friends from the ship for lunch. First, the fish market on the harbor in Bergen is top notch and well worth a visit and a meal. The crab, shrimp, lobster and pretty much any form of seafood you can imagine is divine and the displays are mouthwatering.
Bergen, Norway, whale steak, foodie
We ended up settling on a restaurant I cannot remember the name of, spell, or pronounce as Norwegian is a very difficult language but I did get a whale steak and it was fantastic! We also ended up buying some massive crab legs to eat on the ship during this cruise! I can’t wait!
Bergen, Norway, fish market, crab legs
The rest of Bergen is pretty simple, nice and self-explanatory. There’s nothing lavish about it. Walk around, talk to people, have a coffee or a drink and take it in because Bergen, Norway is simply a nice place.
Bergen, Norway, harbor

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  1. Bergen is just beautiful. Well said.

  2. You’re right about Bergen being a nice city. But when are you going to visit Northern Norway? Lofoten, Senja, Finnmark and the North Cape – and of course Svalbard – are places you should not miss. I grew up in Northern Noway, so just let me know if you need any travel advice 🙂

    • I’m en route to Lofoten as we speak, then Tromso and unfortunately have to get off the boat before Honningsvag. I have been to Svalbard before and will actually be there again early 2016!

  3. I think you’re understating how gorgeous Bergen is by just calling it a nice place. It’s one of my favorite places in the world and would do anything to go back there!

    • I certainly wasn’t insulting Bergen, I just said it’s a nice place. There’s just nothing too crazy about it, it’s a very pleasant place that I enjoy being in, haha!

  4. We did our honeymoon in Norway and it rained pretty much the whole time we were in the fjord region including Bergen. I agree it’s a nice place but I could have done without a few of the 250 days of rain. Our second honeymoon will be at the beach!

    • There’s so many factors to travel and how people perceive places or how their experiences are shaped. One of the main factors is weather. But when you come to a place like Norway you have to expect some bad weather much like Scotland or really any country in the far north. Sorry to hear and hope you still had fun on your honeymoon! Hopefully second is with the same wife!

  5. Lee, I’ve followed your blog for years and love your adventures. I always wonder what camera do you use? Thanks.

  6. Rick Johnson says

    I loved Bergen on our visit a few years ago. If Donald Trump is elected President, I may look into emigrating to Norway, if they’d have me.

  7. Bergen has probably been my favourite travel surprise…so underloved but so amazing!

  8. Owen Pura says

    HEY Lee, this is very useful…lots of information!!! I love your adventures very interesting.
    try to visit the Philippines we have many beautiful places here, try to experience our culture and I’m sure you’ll love our foods HAHAHA

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