How to Plan a Bachelor Party in Kiev

My third time in Ukraine was my first time there with friends. I had done the scouting out for years and couldn’t wait for the opportunity to throw a bachelor/stag party in Kiev. My friend Mike finally obliged by getting engaged and then entrusted me with figuring out a suitable site and planning his bachelor party. It wasn’t really a decision; it was always going to be Kiev. here’s how to plan a bachelor party in Kiev!

Kiev is a beautiful city, it really is. If you’d like to read more about the city and actual sights etc. of Kiev from my last trip, click here. That aside, Kiev is a really fun town; a perfect place for a bachelor party.

Planning a bachelor party is a pain but planning one in Eastern Europe from the US is a particular pain. However, there are bachelor party services all around Eastern Europe that you can find online. These destinations are really popular with British stag parties and these services cater to what bachelor/stag parties are all about. I used Kiev Stag.

You are assigned a host from the site to set up the activities each day. Once you agree on the activities, you are sent the invoice and itinerary and have to pay a 25% deposit via PayPal or credit card. You pay the rest of the money in cash on arrival to your escort around Kiev.

I know the word escort may sound dirty being as though it’s Eastern Europe and it’s a bachelor party but your escort is imperative to enjoying your time in Kiev. The escort/host is always a regular young woman who speaks English, Ukrainian and Russian. She is cool and has connections, discounts and pull at all clubs, bars and sites around town. She is your lifeline. She comes with you to all bars, clubs and gets you tables, bottles and translates everything. Without her, you’d be lost in Kiev.

My friends and I all arrived in Kiev on Friday and stayed at the Hyatt Hotel. The Hyatt is a great hotel to base yourself in Kiev. The hotel is perfectly situated in the center and you can walk or take a quick taxi anywhere in town. It also has a great rooftop bar and spa to help sweat out the Kiev night.

Sweating out the night is important because there is a ton of nightlife and vodka in Kiev. We hit up a bunch of different bars and clubs in town but the three best we went to were D’Lux, Buddha Bar and Mandarin.

D’Lux is the nicest and most exclusive club in Kiev. I am usually not into clubs at all but we went there and had a blast. The $25 cover is annoying but after that the scenery is incredible in this really cool Vegas/New York style club that is in a park just above the Dynamo Kiev Stadium.

Buddha Bar is the same as the one in Paris but is a lot more manageable. It’s not a crazy club with blasting trance but more of a lounge. It is located right on the main street in Kiev. It plays great music with excellent scenery and a really cool vibe. It is a great place to chill before hitting D’Lux or another club. Bottle service here is pretty cheap, as it is in most of Kiev. You can get good bottles of vodka for $50 or less. Try finding that in Vegas or New York!

Mandarin is a cool club a little out of town and located on the Dnipro River. It is literally on a boat type thing on the river. It is a multi level dance club with good table service and again, great scenery. They have 4 bottle specials for about $100-unbelievable.

The bars and clubs in Kiev are all open until at least 6am and you haven’t experienced night in Kiev until you’ve been out at least to sunrise. I’m serious, Mediterranean party islands like Ibiza, Mykonos, Cyprus, and Malta etc. don’t have much on Kiev except for beaches!

Kiev also has some decent restaurants. Nothing crazy but the two best we had were Shynok and Pervak. Shynok is a bit out of the center but a quick taxi ride away and features some country style Ukrainian food with a touristic touch. They also have very friendly servers and a guy armed with tons of alcohol walking around making you try shots of disgusting liquor. Try the chicken Kiev. My buddy Greg swears by it!

Pervak is a restaurant I went to in 2009 when I was last in Kiev and is right in the center. It is a very nice place with great décor, cool vibes, interesting stools as you can see above and hot waitresses who wear cleavage outfits; although they’re not the friendliest people. Try the borscht and the stroganoff.

Along the way, you’ll see some awesome sights and see how beautiful the city is. Do a sightseeing tour with a guide or on your own but do see the city. It is beautiful, historic and worth some time. I have now been three times and can’t wait to go back. H and if you get a chance, catch a Dynamo Kiev game or go shoot some machine guns outside the city…it’s great fun!

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  1. Thanks for the invite! Sounds like an awesome trip and cool pictures…I’m sure there’s a ton of pictures you didn’t share!

  2. Is that a Dragonov Sniper Rifle?

  3. Sounds like fun….girls just don’t do stuff like that

  4. I should do that every trip I take. Hire a local chick to take me around and get me in all the best places…great idea!

  5. Sounds awesome…I love how you say it was great scenery a few times!

  6. I’ve always wanted to go to Kiev…maybe not for a stag though!

  7. Strange they have those services but makes perfect sense especially with those British guys who can be animals. My sister used to date one and it was bad news. Thanks for sharing!

  8. I was hoping for some pictures of the beautiful Ukrainian women!

  9. Cool story Lee, sounds like a blast. I love the Buddha Bar in Paris, I used to go there often when I lived in Paris for grad school.

  10. I want some horses asses stools for my house! LOL!

  11. That fat guy with the booze looks awesome, I hope you partied with him too!

  12. Peter Bergen says

    Kiev is a great place to visit. I am glad you’ve been there other times to see the city, I hope your friends return for the same reason. It doesn’t sound like you did much cultural sightseeing this trip.

  13. Cool Lee…my husbands best friend made his bachelor party in Kansas City…I think your friend should be much happier with you.

  14. A great post Lee… How do you think Reykjavik would be for a bachelor party? It is a bit closer to the east coast and seems pretty cool.

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