Today I took a great daytrip from Prague across all of Moravia to the capital of Brno and one of the most beautiful cities in the Czech Republic, Olomouc. Brno is the capital and undisputed biggest city in Moravia, which is eastern Czech Republic, as opposed to Bohemia which is western. The differences are stark in that the landscapes are much more green and lush than in Bohemia. Brno acts as a mini Prague without all the tourist hubbub and countless gift shops. Brno is how Prague once was.

Olomouc is a great little university town with a huge student population. The main square can actually rival Prague in size and almost in beauty. The statue in the middle is awesome as well and complements the churches in the square perfectly. My friend and I just walked around and admired the great little town; little but it has almost 700,000 residents, seemingly out of nowhere I suppose.
The best part of Moravia though is the scenery, the natural setting of incredible rolling hills and the greenest grass and fields you can imagine. There were also countless tree farms, mainly pine and just great postcard scenery the whole way through. I wish I had snapped some pictures out the car window but I was just taking it in.

I know this post is short and kind of lame but its late and I am in a rush and didn’t want to forget to do it. Sorry and check back with me soon.

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  1. Short and sweet, I’ve been to Brno and there’s not much to say. A nice place to have a walk and a few pints. Olomouc sounds nice as well-next time for me I guess.

  2. Hi Lee, I have also been in Olomouc. Lovely city as is the rest of Moravia.

  3. Agreed that Moravia is a gorgeous place. I have never seen such greenery in my life. I stayed in Brno for 6 weeks and traveled all along the region. I miss it, the scenery and the nicest Czech people I came across. Much better than the chaos of Prague.

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