Sofia, Bulgaria

Sorry I am a few days behind again but we have been really busy exploring and getting around the Balkans as a full time job. I am short on time again today so I will be brief. Sofia, Bulgaria was the stop I met my friend Mike at and we explored the beautiful city in 100+ degree heat like rockstars.

Sofia is one of the oldest capital cities in Europe, blending its past and present in a remarkable architectural style. Historic landmarks include the 10th century Boyana Church (one of the UNESCO World Heritage protected sites), the Alexander Nevski Cathedral (one of the world’s largest Orthodox churches), and the early Byzantine Church of St Sophia.

Sofia also has a huge nightlife scene with many different night clubs, live venues, pubs, mehani (Bulgarian traditional taverns), and restaurants where tourists and locals party until the wee hours of the morning.

We induged in one of the most underrated cities in Europe to the fullest. Sofia had great restaurants, outstanding bars and clubs and our hotel, the Sheraton Sofia Balkan, was outrageously nice and a nice change of pace from where I had been sleeping or not sleeping as the case had usually been.

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  1. SOfia is wonderful, good food and beautiful girls

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