Wedding Weekend in Eisenach, Germany

Germany is such a great place to visit and has so much to offer that sometimes you forget how cool it actually is. Germany has all the big cities and festivals that everyone knows about but then it has secondary type towns that are even better than cities like Munich or Berlin. They are smaller, more manageable and just more pleasant. Eisenach is one of these German towns.

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One of my best friends, Mike, whom I have traveled to 50+ countries with, was getting married this past weekend in Eisenach. Without that draw, I wouldn’t have ever known how great Eisenach is.

The town of Eisenach is a typical adorable little European town with a cool walking street and a great main square punctuated by a cathedral in the middle. However, it had a few things to set it apart from others.

Johann Sebastian Bach was from Eisenach and there is a museum to his life and music called Bach Haus. It is a really cool thing to do in Eisenach and is really interesting even if you’re not into classical music.

I don’t claim to be but I do appreciate all good music, especially classical. Even more impressive to me was the layout of the actual museum as they mixed a centuries old house with a modern museum accompanied by a great garden in the back to make a very cool exhibition.

But the true gem of Eisenach without any doubt is Wartburg Castle.

Wartburg Castle is truly awesome. It is big, beautiful and is the best castle I’ve seen in mainland Europe to be honest, and I’ve seen and been in a lot of them. Before the wedding, the wedding party and family took a guided tour around the castle and saw the impressive holdings.

The best part of the castle itself was the view. Views of the castle and of the magical countryside surrounding Eisenach. The views all throughout the day and night were great.

The wedding itself was held in the hotel accompanying the castle. It is easily one of the coolest places I’ve ever stayed and an amazing venue for an intimate wedding. Big props to Mike and Franzi for picking it out and I guess to Franzi’s grandmother who lives right by the castle in Germany and was the inspiration for the selection.

All I kept thinking when I woke up in the morning was that I was in a castle and it made my giggle. The morning views were killer although I didn’t have much time to admire them as I overslept and had to rush to catch my train back to Frankfurt to rent a car to start my 9-day European road trip.

Follow my site for the next week or so because I will try and have a new post on each day of the road trip as often as I can.

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  1. Looks like a beautiful place and a nice groom

  2. Awesome

  3. Thank you, really sweet! I’ll send it to the Tourismus board for Eisenach + Thuringia! Have fun on the road trip and hopefully see you soon.

  4. Now that’s a place to get married!

  5. Lee, your life is amazing and you must have amazing friends too who get married in places like this. Good luck on your road trip and I will be reading as always.

  6. Pictures are amazing and the boys in the pictures aren’t bad either 😉

  7. Ausfahrt…LOLOLOLOL…is that a real word?

  8. I got married at town hall…I guess I missed the boat

  9. Ladies and Gentlemen, dear guests,
    again, thank you so much for visiting our hotel and this kind and nice reporting about your stay in Eisenach.
    We would be happy to welcome you soon again. Whenever this would be.
    Best regards,
    Jens V. Dünnbier, General Manager & the team of the “Hotel auf der Wartburg”

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