Update on My Upcoming Libya Trip

I wanted to give a quick update because I have received dozens of emails and facebook messages asking about the status of my North Africa trip. It is supposed include stops in Sudan, Libya and Algeria and I am scheduled to take off in early March. As of now, I have not ruled anything out. […]

Arrogance and Corruption in Egypt and Africa

Watching the developments in Cairo and throughout Egypt has been stifling over the past week or two. To me, it brings to light a lot of problems faced on the African continent by the people as a result of the arrogance or absolute disregard for what the public wants by its Governments and leaders. It […]

Walk Like An Egyptian

“Man fears time…but time fears the Pyramids” A great quote I believe and one that captures the essence and the presence of the Pyramids. Nobody knows when and how they were built, there are theories, some good and some are out there, but it’s one of life’s great mysteries-that’s still a mystery. They’re the definition […]

Carthage, Sidi Bou Said and More Tunis

The name of once-mighty Carthage is a name like many other great ancient cities. It inspires legends, poets and envy. Hannibal lived in Carthage-the military genius who the Romans were only able to beat because they ensured they never had to fight him. Virgil wrote his Aeneid about the tragic romance between Carthaginian Dido and […]

First Full Day in Tunisia

After weeks of seemingly no sleep, a change in plans from Algeria to Tunisia and a quick stop off in London to visit my friend Mike, I arrived in Tunis, Tunisia two nights ago after a long and grueling day of flying sitting next to more screaming babies than one could possibly have nightmares about. […]

My Algerian Embassy Saga

For those of you who like reprehensible stories of frustration and woe, where some people treat others with absolutely no consideration and are completely unreasonable, then you will love this story. For those of you like me, this will make your blood boil, but either way it’s pretty entertaining and one that I am dumfoundedly […]

I Can’t Get a Libya Visa

As I am planning a trip to North Africa in March to Algeria, Tunisia and Libya-my plans have hit a snag. I have been told by four reliable sources that it is impossible for an American to get a visa to Libya as a result of the crappy foreign policy that the Bush Administration used. […]

The Sands of Time

The Sahara Desert occupies the vast majority of North Africa stretching from the Red Sea and Mediterranean to the Atlantic Ocean. The Sahara, “The Great Desert”, is the world’s largest hot desert, and second largest desert after Antarctica. At over 9,000,000 square kilometers, it is almost as large as the United States, and is larger […]


As many of you know, I am very interested in the situation in Darfur and have given to the charity at savedarfur.org in the past and closely monitor what happens over there. I just felt that I wanted to bring it to light on my site and give everyone some background information on it because […]

The Sinai Peninsula

The Sinai Peninsula or Sinai is a triangle-shaped peninsula in Egypt. Sinai is the part of Egypt that lies in Asia. It lies between the Mediterranean Sea (to the north), Red Sea (to the south), and the Gulf of Aqaba (to the east) forming a land bridge to Southwest Asia. It falls between Egypt, Israel, […]