Airlines’ Checked Bags Policy

There is no business quite like or more annoying than the airline business. It is the ultimate in sticking it to the customer and passing costs along to the customer. But now I will add it’s the ultimate in nickel and diming people to death. OK, I understand that fuel is at an all time […]

Mexicana to Join One World Alliance

After all of the recent airline turmoil especially among American Airlines, a charter member of the one world alliance, they finally have some good news. It was just announced that Mexicana will be joining the alliance as a full member in 2009. This will expand the alliances network by 24 destinations within Mexico and several […]

The Delta-Northwest Merger

Not to get too much into the financial viability of this merger agreement but focusing on what this could mean to travelers, I believe this is a bad sign for the airline industry and for the choices that we as paying customers have with the airlines. It started several years ago when American swooped up […]

American Airlines Flight Cancellations

So after reading the news the last few days I am sure everyone is aware that American Airlines has cancelled a number of flights the past few days. However, luckily for me I don’t fly to Phoenix until tomorrow but alas I called just a second ago to find out the status of my flight […]

Maximize Your Miles

Travel always causes a great debate for me. Should I pay for the trip or use miles? In general, I like to pay for long flights because then you get the miles and if you have status, for instance platinum status on American Airlines, then you will receive double miles in addition to the miles […]

I Hate the Airlines

There is absolutely nothing worse and more frustrating than dealing with the airlines on the phone or in person for that matter. I just got off the phone with American Airlines who is acting as the lead airline on a split ticket I have with them and US Air to return to New York from […]

Save Money In South America With An Airpass

South America is a very big place and has a lot to see. Almost every country is a destination in and of itself. Some countries such as Brazil, Chile and Argentina are huge and cover a lot of ground. Other places like Peru and Bolivia have a lot to see in different parts of the […]

Safety Of Airlines You’ve Never Heard Of

After the crash of the One-Two-Go Airline plane last week in Thailand, a lot of people have asked me whether these little and discount foreign airlines around the world are safe and if I flew them. My answer is always an emphatic, of course I do. It’s very seldom that airlines crash and the likelihood […]

In Transit at Heathrow

I am currently in the British Airways lounge in terminal 4 at Heathrow Airport. I arrived at 6:10am this morning and have been in London all day because my flight to Baku isn’t until 9:05pm tonight. Crazy layover but thankfully my good friend Morroni has a flat here in East Central London so I went […]

New Travel Tool from American Airlines

DealFinder is a new downloadable desktop tool offered by American Airlines which allows you to receive automatic, personalized fare alerts and other information via your computer desktop. Once you download the tool and set your travel preferences, DealFinder will alert you about deals to your favorite destinations. By creating searches for your upcoming trips, DealFinder […]