New Travel Tool from American Airlines

DealFinder is a new downloadable desktop tool offered by American Airlines which allows you to receive automatic, personalized fare alerts and other information via your computer desktop. Once you download the tool and set your travel preferences, DealFinder will alert you about deals to your favorite destinations. By creating searches for your upcoming trips, DealFinder will also show you the current lowest prices and alert you when the price is at or near your target price.

I usually don’t post things about individual airlines but I am a platinum American Airlines member and believe that they have the best network of partners in One World and I think this a really cool thing to use. If you are looking to do a 3 or 4 city trip in 6 months and don’t like the fare quoted as of yet, you can use this and when the fare changes this tool will just let you know that day and how much it will be. They basically keep checking for you so you don’t have to. Pretty cool huh.

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  1. I wonder if BA will have the same tool?

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  3. Good luck with your world record attempt!

    …and let us know when you beak any world record 😉

    Tom Howard
    World Records Academy

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