Eleuthera Island, Bahamas

Eleuthera is a tough word to spell and almost as tough to pronounce but don’t hold the tongue twisting against it! Eleuthera is an island of the Bahamas about 50 miles east of Nassau, the capital. It is a pretty long and thin island; about 110 miles long by only a mile wide. Three airports […]

A Day on Harbour Island

Ahhhh the Bahamas. I love the name Bahamas, it just sounds like it should be in the Caribbean. It just sounds colorful, tropical, and full of life with amazing beaches. That’s pretty much accurate too! The Bahamas are made up of hundreds of islands spread out over a pretty vast area not too far off […]

Club Med Turkoise

So for my last country in the Caribbean I decided to check out my first Club Med. The Club Med Turkoise had been highly recommended by several friends. In fact, I have two friends that actually met their future wives there. I certainly was not looking for wedded bliss or anything of the sort but […]

La Republica Dominicana

The island of Hispaniola is the second largest island in the Caribbean behind only Cuba. The island is one of only two islands in the Caribbean broken up into different countries or administrative regions-the other is St. Martin/St. Maarten. Hispaniola is of course made up of Haiti and its much larger neighbor, the Dominican Republic. […]

24 Hours in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti

After a warm up night of Creole food and voodoo in the French Quarter of New Orleans because of a forced layover we made our way down to Port-Au-Prince (PAP), Haiti after an American Airlines connection in Miami. At the International airport in PAP, we were greeted by the usual Caribbean steel drum band except […]

Grand Cayman

Life on Grand Cayman is pretty good. It’s a gorgeous place with fantastic beaches, duty free shopping and is a playground for the rich and also for those laundering money in their offshore accounts. My favorite thing about that is that they advertise specializing in distressed funds on the billboards at the airport when you […]

Lift the Travel Ban to Cuba

With the dawn of a new administration in the United States, the time to lift the travel ban to Cuba has come. The nearly 50 year trade embargo’s time has past and the United States Government needs to ease the restrictions on Americans who wish or do travel to the island nation only 90 miles […]

San Andrés Island, Colombia

San Andrés is the largest and principal island of the Colombian department of San Andrés y Providencia which consists of two island groups about 480 miles northwest of Colombia and 140 miles from the coast of Nicaragua. The archipelago has been claimed by Nicaragua, England and is now under the control of Colombia. San Andrés […]

The Resignation of Fidel Castro

I have been flooded with questions since yesterday’s announcement of Fidel Castro’s resignation after nearly 50 years of rule in Cuba. I am not surprised that he resigned as his health deterioration has been rumored for many years. I do not know how it will shake out with his brother Raul taking over and promising […]

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Punta Cana is the jewel in the crown of the Dominican Republic. The beaches are spectacular and the seafood is great. The resorts are top notch with idyllic pools and palm lined properties. Relaxation is the theme in the DR and If you dare escape the allure of the all inclusive resorts then you can […]