La Republica Dominicana

The island of Hispaniola is the second largest island in the Caribbean behind only Cuba. The island is one of only two islands in the Caribbean broken up into different countries or administrative regions-the other is St. Martin/St. Maarten. Hispaniola is of course made up of Haiti and its much larger neighbor, the Dominican Republic. […]

24 Hours in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti

After a warm up night of Creole food and voodoo in the French Quarter of New Orleans because of a forced layover we made our way down to Port-Au-Prince (PAP), Haiti after an American Airlines connection in Miami. At the International airport in PAP, we were greeted by the usual Caribbean steel drum band except […]

Grand Cayman

Life on Grand Cayman is pretty good. It’s a gorgeous place with fantastic beaches, duty free shopping and is a playground for the rich and also for those laundering money in their offshore accounts. My favorite thing about that is that they advertise specializing in distressed funds on the billboards at the airport when you […]

Lift the Travel Ban to Cuba

With the dawn of a new administration in the United States, the time to lift the travel ban to Cuba has come. The nearly 50 year trade embargo’s time has past and the United States Government needs to ease the restrictions on Americans who wish or do travel to the island nation only 90 miles […]

St. Martin and Anguilla

The island of St. Martin is divided between two nations, Dutch (St. Maarten) and French (St. Martin). The French side is where I stayed in a place called Grand Case Beach at a hotel called L’esplanade which was very good and the people were very helpful and friendly. The French side is way more islandy […]

The Scoop on Guadeloupe

Guadeloupe is an overseas French territory much like it’s sister island Martinique. However, Guadeloupe is clearly the ugly twin and cannot be held in the same breath as the much nicer, classier and safer Martinique. Guadeloupe is not without some virtues of course but I have to admit after being in Martinique and having a […]

Magnifique Martinique

I first heard about Martinique when I was a kid from that old Beach Boys song, Kokomo, and I thought it sounded so exotic and cool and I knew I always wanted to go there. It didn’t disappoint. Martinique is really everything you would want in an affluent island as you cannot compare it to […]

St. Vincent and Bequia

After leaving Grenada for that early morning flight up to St. Vincent, the plane flew straight over the gorgeous and untouched Grenadine Island chain. It is a chain of mostly forgotten islands and their slogan is “the Caribbean the way it used to be”. The view from the small prop plane made me excited to […]

The Long Short Journey to Grenada

I had heard previously about airlines in the Caribbean making many and inexplicable stops in their flight itineraries. Meaning, they would say for instance, they were flying from Curacao to Grenada but failing to mention there would be three stopovers in between. I never really thought much about it, figuring people just didn’t plan properly […]

Blue Curacao

Curacao is the last letter in the Dutch ABC islands of the South Caribbean consisting of Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao and certainly its most dynamic. Aruba possesses the best beaches by far, Bonaire the best diving by far and Curacao has decent of both but more importantly it has a cool, cosmopolitan vibe to it […]