The Daily Travel Podcast

I recently recorded a podcast with the Daily Travel Podcast. We talked about travel, my story and assorted other topics related to travel, business and why travel is important. Have a listen.

Lee Abbamonte, Greenland, Daily Travel Podcast

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  1. Thanks for the amazing inspiration and those stories Lee! Really awesome stuff from a genuinely interesting and inspiring person.

  2. “Everyone wants to be a hero but Lee you are a travel legend.” You are a travel Buddha, not only a Marcopolo. I was watching yesterday “Wolf of wall Street” and today listening you.

  3. Hi Lee,

    Very inspirational! I have seen your country list. You said you don’t have interest in the places with no people anymore. Does this mean you don’t expect to finish the Travel Century List?


  4. Dan@traveltoghanatips says

    Very helpful! You are a travel horse man. Keep up the good work and God bless you! Never ever let anything stand in your way and don’t ever give up!

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