My FOX Business Appearance on Money with Melissa Francis

Here is my latest appearance on FOX Business after a busy 10 days or so on TV. In the last week or so I have been on Your World with Neil Cavuto on FOX News, Good Day New York on FOX 5 New York and Real Money with Ali Velshi on Al Jazeera America. This was my first time on Money with Melissa Francis. I have to admit it’s not my best segment at all. I think the last two weeks of barely sleeping finally caught up to me on this one as I faltered and ‘you know’d’ a few times. However, I still had a good time and as always I appreciate the opportunity.
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The topic of this segment is the new federal laws limiting pilot hours by a fairly significant amount. The controversy lies in that by doing this, it could cause major delays at airports and of course end up in higher prices for passengers because the airlines have to hire more pilots.

It will be interesting to see how these new laws shake out and whether they are effective or they only succeed in causing more delays and irritating people even further. It’s tough because the laws are designed for more safety. We will see if safety trumps delays and cancelations as the laws move into effect!

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  1. You were fine Lee. She was really annoying and asked stupid questions. She also acted like all those people who dies in the plane crash in Buffalo didn’t mean anything. I have never seen her show before and don’t care to again. Unless you’re on of course. Well done.

  2. Honestly what is wrong with that woman? Does she not care about those people that died?! What an idiot. I thought you handled her stupid questions well.

  3. You look fantastic in that suit…just saying!

  4. Stupid questions! How did she get that job?

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