FOX News Segment on Possible Airline Collusion

I’ve been doing a ton of TV recently as is always the case when I’m home in New York. This is my latest FOX News segment on possible airline collusion brought about the by the governments ongoing investigation into this potential charge. This is a different segment than my recent airline collusion debate on FOX Business and other recent Cavuto segments.

I am a big believer that although the airlines are a business, they face a higher level of scrutiny because they carry such a great responsibility. If the airlines are colluding or it is even a thought then I feel the government is right for investigating them and protecting the flying public as best they can.
Lee ABbamonte, Cavuto, FOX News
The public really has no voice or say in what the airlines do and are a save to what they do and charge. While this is OK in theory, if the airlines are colluding to keep prices higher as they know the public has no recourse then that is wrong of course. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.
Lee Abbamonte, FOX News, Cavuto, airlines

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  1. Lee,

    Thank you for touching bases about this situation! I’m stationed right now in The Netherlands and use Ryanair (Cheap Airline), that I’m sure you have heard of. It’s very cheap to travel around Europe, so the 3 years I have been here has been a great time since I didn’t have to break the bank to travel to over 10+ countries since I have been here. I hope we in the United States find something like this airline soon!

    Thanks again for sharing all of your experience of traveling, it’s very much appreciated!

    Thanks again,

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