NBC News Segment on the Jay Z Hotel Elevator Attack

I appeared on a NBC News New York television segment about the attack on Jay Z in the Standard Hotel elevator in New York City. I was asked to talk about how the hotel handled the leaking of the security tape and what should have happened and then the potential repercussions. I answered a lot of questions and the tape was edited to a few lines but that’s how it goes with TV.

I did the interview with the lovely and very nice, Checkey Beckford, who is a reporter with NBC News here in New York. I must admit before I was asked to do the segment I had no idea that this incident even happened but I actually have been to that hotel numerous times and live not too far from there.
Lee Abbamonte, Checkey Beckford
The Standard Hotel is a celebrity hangout hotel. It originated in Los Angeles on the Sunset Strip; I actually used to hang out there a lot in the early 2000’s when I nearly moved to LA. The Standard in New York is bigger and has more bars, clubs, restaurants, a great rooftop and has quickly become a big hangout for trendy New Yorkers.
Lee Abbamonte, NBC News, New York
This was an unfortunate incident and I am sure the person who leaked the tape will be dealt with. That said, I think the segment came out pretty good. Enjoy!

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  1. WIll you be appearing on E next? Great job!

  2. Funny they asked you to do that segment but well done. Too bad you didn’t get to meet Beyonce.

  3. Great job Lee! I really want to know what he said to rile her up like that; it was either really awful or she’s just insane…probably a combination of both!

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