What is a Satellite Media Tour?

A Satellite Media Tour is a common thing that many people don’t know anything about and certainly don’t understand. A satellite media tour (SMT) is a technique used by corporations or businesses to present an expert of their choosing to interact with dozens of local news stations around the country with the goal of getting out a specific message.
Lee Abbamonte, Iowa news, SMT, satellite media tour
I have done dozens of satellite media tours over the past few years for some of the biggest companies in America. Last week I did a satellite media tour for Allianz Travel Insurance from a remote studio in New York City. This means I sat in a studio for about 5 hours and did the same interview 20 times in 20 different markets around the country.

Some interviews are live on TV, almost always morning shows; some are taped and some are live on radio. Occasionally, some are internet websites that broadcast news as well. It is a long morning where you essentially have to do the same thing over and over but the anchors who I cannot see control the questions.

The producers from the local stations are sent an information sheet both about me and about the message we’re trying to get across and they have some sample questions and intros. But the anchor has the final authority to ask questions they want to ask as it’s generally live TV and they like to move the conversation in their voice.
Lee Abbamonte, Iowa, SMT, satellite media tour
It’s my job to answer their questions but of course steer the conversation to where I can get the message I’m paid to get across to viewers. I’m pretty good at this after dozens of satellite media tours and I actually really enjoy them. So here’s one example from my recent satellite media tour with Allianz Travel Insurance. The total number of interviews I did for this SMT was 19. I’ve done some with upwards of 30 interviews.

CLICK HERE to watch another sample from my recent tour.

Believe you me…there’s much coffee involved to keep the energy level up for 5-6 hours! But I really do enjoy it and look forward to my next satellite media tour.

Disclaimer: I receive financial compensation for all satellite media tours I do.

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  1. Thank you for explaining what satellite media tours are. I was also one of the people who had never heard of it but now I know a lot more. It sound like an interesting and challenging job. What kind of companies usually order these satellite media tour services?

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