Eating in Monterrey, Mexico

So I’ve been here in Monterrey, Mexico for 4 days now and I have eaten tacos for breakfast, lunch and dinner each day. It hasn’t just been tacos; it has been gorditas and various types of taco like combinations but all of which can be classified as some type of taco. And they are all amazing. I love Mexican food, second only to Italian food and the culinary delights here in Monterrey do not disappoint. I am living in the center of town right next to Monterrey Institute of Technology, one of the top schools in Latin America and a very nice part of town. There happen to be several taco places within a three minute radius of my apartment and that is good and bad. Good because I love tacos and bad because then I eat them constantly. Quite the dichotomy, but I suppose it could be worse!

Strangely there are also about 6 Seven Elevens in a two minute radius of my apartment as well which is strange but they serve as the center of life for many people here. They are both a shopping center, so to speak, and a meeting point. I haven’t seen too much of the city thusfar and there aren’t any must see attractions that I know of but the city is surrounded by beautiful mountains, which I will be climbing soon and the city is very pleasant.

The air pollution that plagues other Mexican cities is basically non-existant in Monterrey and even the traffic isn’t too bad. It is also very safe and fairly affluent here in Monterrey. It is supposed to be one of the wealthiest cities in Latin America and a center of business. This is apparent by the large number of multinational corporations that are located here. Finally, the weather here is amazing. The temperature is perfect and the sky is always sunny, looking forward to enjoying more of that and not missing the cold and snow back in New York.

Anyway, will report more from my time here in Monterrey as I get to know the city a little better in my six weeks here. Should be fun with several side trips around Mexico in the meantime. Aside from that, thank god they have basketball courts and a gym so I can work off all these tacos!

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  1. Lee, great to read the recap on the Africa Adventure, you accomplished exactly what you intended to and that’s awesome considering it totaled 15 third world countries. Great job. I hope MX treats you well and you get the chance to rack up some unexplored states in the region….Just make sure you pass on the ice cubes. HA.

  2. Very Welcome to Monterrey.

    Don’t forget to visit Garcia Caves (“Las Grutas de García”), these caves were formed over 60 million years ago and they’re about 40 miles northwest of Monterrey.

    Also, if you like climbing you must go to “Potrero Chico”.

    Enjoy Monterrey !

  3. Thx for the advice Fermin, much appreciated.

  4. FYI Charles new goal is to visit every UNESCO World Heritage Site…All 878 of them. I admire that goal, but my God you have to have the deepest pockets – after visiting every single land on Earth – then turn around and top it with every UWHS on earth…You gotta hand it to him Abbamonte, he’s not playing around, he doesn’t want anyone to second guess who has seen more. He’s a cool cat though. Very friendly and always willing to lend good info to fellow travellers.

  5. Thats a lot of stuff to see, lot of cash and lot of time…good luck to him, he’s running out of places so why not dig within them I guess. ANother TCC guy who comments on this site a lot, Michael, counts UNESCO sites as well. I have no idea how many I’ve been to (never counted) as many I have been to have disappointed me as being irrelevant or overrated. Obviously some are great but some like I saw in Turkmenistan and other places this summer were not worthy, at least in my view.

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