The 10 Mile Hike to Sundance Lodge in Banff National Park

I love Alberta, Canada. I really do. I’ve had a lot of adventures there in recent years including going to Calgary for Stampede, Heli-Snowshoeing, Playing Pond Hockey on Lake Louise and Dogsledding in Banff. Aside from it being one of the most beautiful places in North America, it has a lot of secret adventures that you wouldn’t know about unless someone told you. So that’s what I’m about to do regarding the 10 mile hike to Sundance Lodge in Banff National Park!
Pool, Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel
After spending a few awesome days at the stunning Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel in Banff (pool and view above), I set out with my friend Sherry on a 10 mile hike to Sundance Lodge. You’re probably thinking what’s the big deal, so you did a hike. Yes that’s true, but this hike was literally through the woods with no direction, in very cold weather, carrying a lot of gear.
Lee Abbamonte, Alberta, hike
The whole time, we had no idea if we were going the right direction or how far we’d gone. There was no cell phone service in the woods and GPS wasn’t working. The hike was supposed to be relatively self explanatory and I suppose it was as we just followed a path and when a fork in the path appeared, we took it!
hike to sundance lodge, alberta
The hike was really pretty of course, but after about mile 7, it kind of got like a cartoon background where everything looked the same. Plus you’re feet started to hurt after walking on solid ice for much of the hike and again, we really had no idea if we were going the right direction or not and it was starting to get dark.
Hike to Sundance Lodge, Banff, ALberta, Canada
In the back of our minds we always knew that if we didn’t make it by dark, they would send a snowmobile to find us! Not that that was overly comforting but it made the uncertainty more acceptable.
Hike to Sundance Lodge, Banff, ALberta, Canada
At one point after hiking for about 3.5 hours, we stopped and started commiserating about what we would do if we got stuck as we were both out of water and had no food with us. We were both feeling it in our legs, as it wasn’t a normal hike. You had to kind of skate along the path, as it was solid ice most of the way, which made it much tougher.
Sundance Lodge, Banff, Alberta, Banff National Park
So after this stop plus a pee break and after both agreeing that we were almost ready to throw in the towel, we literally peered around a corner and there was the Sundance Lodge in all it’s glory-like a beacon from heaven. It was one of the most DOH moments of my life! We were cracking up but at the same time, we were beyond thrilled to be there, get warm and get out of the soaking wet cold clothes we were wearing.
Inside Sundance Lodge, Banff National Park
The people at the Sundance Lodge were super nice and they made us fondue. Of all things at a log cabin lodge ten miles into the woods in Banff National Park, they made us a gourmet fondue dinner with meats, veggies and desserts. It was pretty awesome-although they didn’t have any booze and after a 10 mile hike, that would’ve been nice!
beds, Sundance Lodge, Banff National Park
The next day, we were up early and did the hike back to Banff…yes a 10 mile hike back to Banff! It was awesome and writing this now, I am laughing at the experience and grateful for the awesome opportunity. I highly recommend the 10 mile hike to Sundance Lodge in Banff National Park!

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  1. I live in Calgary and have never heard of Sundance Lodge before. Thanks for the tip!

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