A Wedding in Fiji

I love Fiji. I have been many times ever since my first multi-week trip way back in 2003! Fiji has served both as the actual destination for me several times like when I spent a week in Fiji doing nothing a few years ago and often times as an overnight or two because if you fly around the South Pacific-all roads lead to Nadi or Auckland! This first of two stints in Fiji this trip was for the festive wedding of my good friend James at the Outrigger Fiji Resort. Who could say no to a wedding in Fiji?! You can contact Sven Studios to get the quality photography to document the joy of such special occasions.
Fiji, Outrigger Fiji, sunset, wedding
I had previously been to the Outrigger in both Honolulu and Guam but had never actually stayed at one before. The Outrigger Fiji was a perfect venue to host my buddy’s wedding.
Fiji, Outrigger Fiji, bridge
I had a great corner room overlooking the ocean and beach. It was also really close to the best bar and restaurant on campus. I love weddings because it always brings together friends and you get to meet new ones. I rarely miss my friends weddings no matter where I am-I’m a good friend. This was no different and it was great to see some friends who I tend to see once or twice a year in different parts of the world as they are all Australians and work in travel.
Fiji, Outrigger Fiji, palm trees
I got into Fiji 4 days before the actual wedding and it really didn’t even feel like a wedding until we were actually at it! But that’s Fiji, super relaxed. It’s also a credit to the bride and groom as they’re super chill as well.
Fiji, Outrigger Fiji, pool
Literally, the only real activity aside from dinners was a charity golf tournament at the phenomenal Natadola Bay Golf Course. I actually played there the last time I was in Fiji but this time was much better because next week the Australasia PGA Tour event is at the course. So it was in pristine shape.
Natadola Bay Golf Fiji, Fiji
Sadly, I didn’t win any of the prizes for closest to the hole and I got hosed on the longest drive; which I had, but it didn’t stay in the fairway-haha! However, I played pretty well and even had 3 birdies. Plus the weather and scenery couldn’t be beat. Certainly compared to the freezing conditions I played in Leeds a few days prior during my Rugby World Cup road trip!
Natadola Bay, golf, Fiji
Best of all, playing a golf event like that let’s you meet the guys you don’t know at the wedding and oh yeah, drink some beers on the course! It’s not golf with the guys if you don’t have a few beers!
Fiji, Outrigger Fiji, sunset
The wedding day started at the bar with the Wallabies beating England at Twickenham; which set the joyous tone for the wedding. The wedding was beautiful, went off without a hitch and I even got called out during speeches for the longest journey to the wedding and for being a good friend! Congrats and cheers to James and Aletha and I look forward to seeing you guys again soon in Sydney or some corner of the world!

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  1. We got married in my parents backyard. I think Fiji would have been a better option. 😉

  2. Amazing photos, I’ve loved following you this trip, Lee.

  3. Lee, I live over in Suva. Let me know when you’ll be back on the island.

  4. I vote you get bridal permission and share a wedding photo, I love looking at them!

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