What European Capital is this?

It is the view of Riga from the Hotel Latvija rooftop bar

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  1. Paris?

  2. I knew you were gonna guess that…it’s not Paris

  3. Come on, its an honest guess, does it not look like the Eiffel tower in the background?

  4. It does and that is why I did it, to trick people like you! haha

  5. I thought Paris too, Lee you’ve certainly pulled a fast one over on us with this one!

  6. I see the wannabe Eiffel Tower got you too…

  7. Tallinn, Estonia?

  8. It’s not Tallinn but you’re getting closer

  9. Berlin

  10. I think Minsk

  11. It’s not Minsk or Berlin. Berlin does have a big tower but it’s in a different shape and Minsk is totally soviet looking and doesn’t exactly have a warm feeling.

  12. Riga, I live there

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