Where Are These Ancient Ruins?

Where are these picturesque ancient ruins? Please comment your guesses and I will post the correct answer later in the day. Good luck! The answer is the ancient and historic city Carthage, Tunisia. Once a great city and today there’s not much but you can still imagine what it must’ve been like. Plus the views and setting of the Mediterranean are perfect.

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  1. Looks like Greece

  2. Sicily?

  3. looks like Carthage in Tunisia

  4. I haven’t been but seems like pics I’ve seen of Libya

  5. I agree Tunisia

  6. it could be Turkey along the coast…nice picture

  7. Tulum, Mexico

  8. Albania

  9. Tunisia I think

  10. Iran

  11. I have no idea, where do you get these picture of the days from? Are they just random pictures from your adventures?

  12. Going to guess near Algiers because you were just there…

  13. Good guesses to all and Penny, they are all pictures from my travels. I don’t post all my pictures because it can take forever to do that plus organize them etc. So sometimes I just go through them or think of a place and then go to those poctures and pick one that looks nice and has some type of clue where people can give educated guesses on even if they haven’t been there. Like yesterday, I gave a clue of it being a world capital bc I didn’t think there was a clue inside the picture unless you have been there.

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