Fall of the Berlin Wall Anniversary Tour

It’s hard to believe that the 25th anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall is approaching. I was only 11 years old when it happened but I remember it vividly. Even at 11, I knew I was living in history. That momentous event started a domino effect in Eastern Europe and led to the fall of the Iron Curtain and the Soviet Union. It was the most defining moment of the last quarter of the 20th century and something I will never forget.
Berlin Wall falling
Back when I was 11 years old I never dreamed that I would ever leave Trumbull, Connecticut let alone, visit Berlin, Germany. But since 1998, I have been to Berlin 5 times, including just this past March, and I think it is one of the coolest and most progressive cities anywhere. I actually named it one of the 30 best cities in the world and it truly is that.
Berlin Wall falling
Everyone loves anniversaries and loves to commemorate important events. Well they don’t get much larger on a global scale than the fall of the Berlin Wall; which affected everyone from Europe to China to the Americas.
Berlin Wall falling
One of my travel partners, Kensington Tours, is offering guests the chance to experience the Berlin Wall’s remains firsthand. This landmark anniversary tour showcases this symbolic boundary, its impact on Germany and celebrates its collapse on Nov 9th 1989. In addition, travelers will delve into Berlin’s deeply riveting past from Prussian kings, the Third Reich, the depths of its division during the Cold War and its reemergence in the aftermath; which has been nothing short of spectacular and a model for new nations.
Berlin Wall falling
The tour will of course include visits to famous sites such as Checkpoint Charlie, the Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag, Berliner Dom, Hitler’s bunker, a Jewish synagogue, and the Berlin War Memorial with expert guides who lived through the era. Additionally, the tour will also include stops at special anniversary exhibits such as a special 12-km light installation.
Berlin Wall falling
The light installation runs along the wall, and consists of remarkable murals that constitute the biggest open-air gallery in the world, painted by 118 artists from 21 different countries. The open-air gallery takes place along the Oberbaumbruecke, turning the bridge into an “art mile” for hundreds of different mediums.
Berlin Wall falling
This should be a spectacular way to relive one of the most historic events in our lifetimes. The world will be watching the anniversary unfold on television. Don’t miss this chance to be there in person to experience history and in the process get to know the incredible city that Berlin has become.

Disclaimer: I am a Kensington Tours Explorer in Residence and receive financial compensation. However, I wrote this article and all views expressed and personal references are mine and have not been influenced in any way-as always.

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  1. I remember it like it was yesterday too although I am a bit older than you. A remarkable time in history and I am proud to have been able to witness history. It was a great way to mark the end of a great decade, the 80’s

  2. I was in Berlin the day the wall came down. It as bitterly cpld. Reagan and Gorbachov were expected later for speeches. A balloon ride could be had. The Russian soldiers were selling their uniforms and medals. Chunks of the wall could bee had for $5.00 and up. Went back to the worst hotel in Berlin-the Schweitzerhoff. After the glass cracked on a painting I was transporting we moved to the Penta. Did see Reagan in a motorcade.So strange on way in from train station. E. Berlin was gray and smoggy comparsd to city that had different light

    • That is amazing! Did you get a piece of the wall?

      • I did. Maybe 6×9″..My oldest friend has it in glass box at his law office
        After a few days in Berlin we took Moscow-Paris express.Draucla’s daugter(female Porter) tried to
        steal our bags and void eurorail pass. !st class compartment as shabby. Guy from California gave her carton of cigs and no bother rest of trip…

  3. I spent several months living in Berlin. I found it to be one of the most interesting places in Europe. It’s a great place to use as a base for day trips to the eastern part of Germany and western Poland. It has the best Flea markets I have been to in Europe.

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