A Collapse For the Ages

Sunday completed the most spectacular collapse in the history of baseball. The New York Mets blew a 7 game division lead with only 17 games to go to lose the division to the Philadelphia Phillies on the last day of the season. The Mets lost 12 of their final 17 games, while committing 21 errors during those games. Their team ERA during that timespan was nearly 6.00 at 5.96. For those of you who don’t follow baseball-that is awful-dreadful actually and to me it couldn’t be more fitting or more amusing.

Being a huge baseball fan and living in New York City, which has two professional teams, the Mets and of the course the mighty Yankees, yesterday was either a bitter day of disgust or a day to laugh at all that is the disaster of the Mets. As a Yankees fan who has enjoyed more than a decade of success and had already qualified for yet another run at a World Series last week-yesterday was fun just to watch the road runner run off the cliff and fall into the valley below as you just knew it was coming.

The Mets didn’t just choke and didn’t just lose-they choke and lost epically. Not only did they lose the largest lead in the history of baseball so late in the season but they looked so amateur and as if they had no heart whatsoever. They lost 9 games over the last 2 weeks of the season to teams that are barely professional teams. Again, they just didn’t lose-they had big leads in many of those games and just completely imploded and looked awful in doing so. The second highest paid team in sports history couldn’t beat teams that would be relegated if they played soccer in Europe.

Yesterday was the final nail in the coffin. The Mets sent 41 year old, future Hall of Fame 300 game winner Tom Glavine out to the mound to clinch a one game playoff to try to get into the playoffs, but the great Glavine took on the loser personality of his team and gave up 7 runs-yes 7 runs, while only getting one out. Basically, the Mets were defeated before they even got to bat for the first time.

For me personally and for most Yankees fans who have to share this city with whiney Mets fans yesterday was just another example of how the little brother can never compete with the big brother. After all the talking the Mets fans did all year long as they enjoyed their reign in first place as the Yankees struggled early in the season before pulling it together and amassing an incredible second half and landing in the playoffs, the Mets will be going home and their fans will have to endure watching the playoffs without the Mets and watching the Yankees steal all the headlines in New York once again. At least the Mets fans can blame their first base coach, Rickey Henderson, for their collapse-what a joke that is as Mets fans blame him for corrupting Jose Reyes’ awful second half. Wake up guys-they just blew it-again.

The Mets are like that arrogant annoying little kid in your neighborhood who feels entitled, talks a lot and has a chip on his shoulder but just isn’t good enough to compete with the big kids. No matter what he does he just always comes up short and then goes away crying silently with his tail between his legs.

This may sound harsh to pound a team when they are down but if you had to listen to these idiot fans talk smack all year and then blow this historic lead, it would give you some perverse pleasure as well. I usually don’t even acknowledge the Mets or their fans at all but after this disgraceful collapse when the Mets looked beaten before they even took the field-they should be ashamed of themselves and their fans should look forward to a long and lonely playoffless fall and winter. Wouldn’t a Phillies/Yankees World Series be wonderful?

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  1. They suck and deserve to lose they way they did-Mets fans are always looking for excuses and their excuse is simple-they suck

  2. Haha, great post. I hate the Mets and they deserve what they got.

  3. I hate Yankees fans, you guys are the ones that are arrogant-not us

  4. Early in the year we had to hear about how the balance of power has shifted in NY, how the mets were the best team in the majors and how Wright/Reyes were a much better tandem than Arod/Jeter. 0 for 3 in convincing fashion…nothing is decided in April.

    Glad all is right with the world and those people have no choice but to zip it

  5. Typical Yankees fans piling it on the Mets when they are down, they just can’t win with class.

  6. Do I hear a Mets fan whining and being bitter? It must really be tough being constantly disappointed. The arrogance of the Mets and their fans this year was uncanny and you guys deserve all the grief you’re getting.

  7. tell us how you really feel…

  8. True, the Mets collapse was the worst in regular season history. Luckily, the honor for greatest postseason collape is the NY Yankees in 2004, when Boston came back from being down 3-0 in the series to win. Typical Yankee fan with selective memory running his mouth.

  9. You knock the Yankees like you play cards…weak! One down moment in a century of greatness–oh well.

  10. The Mets have no heart and thats why they lost. Even in defeat they didn’t even seem to care. I am converting to a Kansas City Royals fan.

  11. I’m English and have never seen a baseball match but I think that Mets supporters are like little girls because they are all whining like little girls 🙂

  12. Well put Jemma, I couldn’t agree more!

  13. Even if the Mets did make the Playoffs they would’ve lost in the opening round. They stink and the Rockies or Padres would’ve beaten them handily. They have no heart and just gave up against awful teams. A terrible job all around by the entire organization.

  14. Pasty White Boy says

    I blame Mr. Met and his oversized steroids head

  15. Christopher says

    I may never get over this Mets collapse-thanks for writing about it so kindly.

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